The Show Comes To Terrace, BC, And Joe Has It Covered

Kraft Hockeyville is coming to Terrace, BC this weekend, home of my buddy Joe Pelletier. The highlight of course will be the Vancouver Canucks taking on the New York Islanders on Monday in this northern, working class BC town, and Don Cherry, Roberto Luongo, John Tavares and the rest, along with the Stanley Cup, will be there to take part in all the festivities that will be spread throughout the weekend.

Joe will be covering the entire big deal on his great site Greatest Hockey Legends. Stop in and have a look. It’s nice when small-town Canada gets big-time hockey.

One thought on “The Show Comes To Terrace, BC, And Joe Has It Covered”

  1. Terrace isn’t all that far from here,sadly I wont be there to see any of this,but good on the folks in Terrace.I hope they enjoy the festivities,they deserve it.

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