10 thoughts on “The Sequel: The Spy Who Blogged Me”

  1. OMG, Dennis…you cannot trust that little blockhead… can you?
    I’m really looking forward to a trilogy here…but now hasn’t this midget gotten you in deep cah-cah before? He probably has connections with D.Hahn…watch him closely.
    Now on the more important issue of the day…you know the Habs can win this one, the Habs know they can win this one, the Caps know the Habs can win this.I also know the Habs can and will. Enough said.
    On the homefront…I know that my team is gonna be “keepin’ it simple” tonight, a couple more Swedish connections will occur with the 3rd Sedin fully in place… the one with all the playoff experience in Detroit. We needed that… Did I mention he also has the most NHL playoff pts this round? Enough said.
    Enjoy your hockey today my hockey bloggin’friends.
    Dennis, you are the top of that list. Please, please.. watch that “blimped out popsicle stick” more carefully, could you not put him in the fridge or something?

  2. Gumby sucks, Gaston rocks.

    But watch out Dennis. He seems to be drunk with power now that he’s become a big movie star.

    If he gives you a hard time, stick him in a Glad bag with a bunch of termites.

    Don’t let him get like this little dummy:

  3. lol, Gaston, you’re quite the astute investigative reporter / correspondent! One day you will have a place on TSN.

  4. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Watch out for splinters Dennis. I think some tough love may be in order.

  5. DK, Gastons the best, he types by telepathic control !! Oh by the way GO HABS GO Tonight!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!

  6. Mike, four of The Boys are on here now. You, me, Hobo, and Rugger! Somehow I think we’ll never see Frank here.

  7. DK, thats great news. By the way after some sober refection ( 6 pints ) later I think that little goof Gaston must have been sired by a BC Red Cedar. How else can you explain a true blue blanq et rouge fan passing out after eating Nachos & consuming only 1 pint of Kokanee- – – What an ASSHOLE !
    Cheers from the East!!!

  8. Dennis, next time you should do like Yvon Lambert and do your shopping at Dorion Suit.

    Remember the old commercial?

    “At Dorion Suit you don’t get any ‘assles.”

  9. DK, only 4 more to go, Brian P,(peaches) Charlie H, Frank S, Kerry B,(liftee) & to a lesser degree because he brought heat onto us K.Baker! By the way Hobo at the time was ( Ruby) & I was( Mike the spike)! Your nick name we will keep vaulted away as Top Secret !
    Whats our’s is our’s whats your’s is our’s!!!!

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