The Schedule Maker Sits At Home And Chuckles With Glee

The schedule maker must have grown up in a Habs-hating home. He had the team on a long seven-game road trip, then home for one game, and now down to Washington. Players barely had time to kiss the dog and pat the wife.

And on top of that, the team plays while the Canadian juniors go for gold on another channel.

And on top of that, I’ll be at work all evening.

4 thoughts on “The Schedule Maker Sits At Home And Chuckles With Glee”

  1. You’re right… a Habs hating schedule maker….

    After meeting Ovechkin in Washington…. they get a teaser like the Panthers in Montreal.. then he brings in Brodeur… who loves playing in Montreal!

  2. Hi Yves, Happy New Year. Yeah, in a perfect world, after a seven game road trip, a nice three or four games at home would be nice. And laundry must be a problem.

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