The Russians Are Coming (Today)

Today will be busy, as we zoom down to Vancouver International Airport and pick up my wife’s son Denis, his wife Natasha, and eight year old daughter Anastasia, coming to Canada for their very first time, from St. Petersburg, Russia.

It’s gonna be great. We’ll be doing this and that, and going here and there, and I’ll let you know as things unfold. I think I’m taking them to a hockey game, and that’s good, even if I do have to see those annoying Canucks. Some cool road trips have also been planned.

This is a great family, and although they don’t speak much English, it’s never seemed to matter. I’ve known Denis since he was thirteen, he’s a creative guy, loves hockey, and raved about Alexei Emelin before Emelin joined the Canadiens.

Natasha got straight A’s all the way through university. Imagine. I don’t know Natasha as well as Denis. She’s very shy, but I think she’s been studying English lately and maybe we can connect. She’s got a great smile.

My wife is having anxiety attacks. This trip has been in the works for about a year, the Canadian embassy put them through every hoop imaginable, but they persevered, got their visas, and I apologized to them for the nonsense from the Canadian government,

17 thoughts on “The Russians Are Coming (Today)”

  1. Congratulations. Enjoy the family visit and the best of memories that come with it. I am sure if it was a visit to the U.S. the hoops you jumped threw would be a whole lot more.

  2. Welcome to Canada Natasha, Denis and Anastasia!

    You are a beautiful family. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  3. Your site is always one of my daily visits…I love the Habs too

    …but your daily life posts are equally intresting….at least to me…

    Sounds like your visitors are in for a real treat….You and your wife too.

    Keep up the great blog!!!

  4. Enjoy their visit. I foresee a lot of chauffeuring and tour-guiding in your near future.

    Will there be any ghost writing by someone very artistic and exceptionally adept with Photoshop?

  5. Hey Dennis

    NHL hockey has basically become an ‘event’.Maybe Denis(& family) would enjoy a Kings playoff game.Some real grassroots hockey played with passion!And get the Kings PA announcer to welcome them to our ‘tiny quiet’ town.


  6. Very nice looking family. Sad that you have to take them to a Canucks game though. Least it’s not Boston – then they’d never want to visit you again! 🙂

    I hope you have a great time Dennis. Make sure to tell Denis that Emelin is very well-loved in Montreal. If I go to another game I’ll try to pick up that Habs key chain for you to give to him (the one that says Denis on it).

    I don’t think Dennis would want me doing any ghost-writing Chris…I’d probably be too pessimistic and foul-mouthed for his tastes.

  7. Skyking, thanks. Greatly appreciated. When I get off on another subject other than the Habs I worry that some will be turned off, so to hear that you enjoy some of this other stuff is very imnportant for me to hear. Again, thanks.

  8. Chris, I’d love it if he wrote something here. I’m going to work on him and see if he’d like to. And you bet, lots of chauffeuring and tour-guiding. It’s going to be my main job.

  9. It’s a great idea, Doug. I need to look at their schedule and see how it fits. Years ago when my wife, before we were married, visited me in Calgary from St. Petersburg, we went to a rodeo in High River, Alberta and I had the announcer welcome her. She was thrilled.

  10. Darth, they laughed when I told them what you said about the Canucks and Boston. And I mentioned Emelin. And Darth, are you kidding? I’d love to have you and others write a post here. Anytime.

  11. Thanks, dra. It’s going to be lots of fun for all of us. They got temporary visa to visit the US, and it wasn’t much work at all. But he told me the Canadian paperwok amounted to almost two inches when he put it all together.

  12. Darth, I appreciate your artwork too, but I was referring to Denis.

    I was thinking Russian impression of local hockey team, arena, pub, beer, DKRFSB, Timmy’s or anything else Canadian. And then throw in some artwork.

  13. Welcome to the Great White North *Canada*. Your mother must be over the moon with joy! I hope you, Denis, Natasha & little Miss Anastasia find your visit better than you ever hoped for, enjoy!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  14. Mike, I’m still recuperating from the down to Vancouver and back all in one day with four ferries. A lot of waiting around.

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