The Rocket Signs The City Book In Orillia


I’ve written before about the time the Rocket came to Orillia in 1960 to drop some pucks and say hello to his many fans. But something behind the scenes happened. The sports reporter, who knew that I had this special scrapbook even though I was just a kid, asked if he could use one of my Richard photos for the local program they were putting out. I let him of course, and in return he gave me the original photo he’d taken of the Rocket signing the town registry.

2 thoughts on “The Rocket Signs The City Book In Orillia”

  1. Dennis, you are my fav brush with greatness. My Gramps is lookin’ down, smilin’ upon the era of awesome hockey knowledge that you’re enlightening true fans to. I was too busy just trying to keep my young eyes on the tiny black dot (of a puck) to appreciate this stuff. Thanks from the bottom of my hockey heart. ( Sappy, I know, but come on, credit where credit is due.)

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