The Quiz Continues And The Ante Is Upped (Two This Time)

Okay, I see, judging from our little quiz we’ve had going, that this isn’t going to be easy. Too many smart people. Maybe this will bring them back to earth.

This time it’s two pictures of two completely different things. One a world away, and the another of a line of Maurice Richard, Elmer Lach, and ………….

Click on ’em if you need to make them bigger.

5 thoughts on “The Quiz Continues And The Ante Is Upped (Two This Time)”

  1. The top picture something to do with Hockey and the Minnesota North Stars in 1990.

    The bottom picture has a reflection of something about the 2010 IIHF World Junior Hockey Chamionship on it.

    That’s the best I can do for now.

  2. Danno, the reflection is just the shirt I was wearing when I took the picture through glass. Disregard the World Junior aspect.

  3. Turns out typing in Russian isn’t as bad as I thought.

    As Danno wrote the first one for the Minnesota North Stars playing Spartak on September 13, 1990 and the Soviet Wings 2 days later. Both games were at the Central Lenin Stadium or the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The North Stars lost both games and lost 3 of 4 overall. The Canadiens also played games and of course they fared better winning 3 of 5.

    Sep. 10, 1990 Stockholm (SWE)
    AIK Stockholm (1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (7)

    Sep. 12, 1990 Leningrad (URS)
    SKA Leningrad/Torpedo Yaroslavl (3) vs. Montreal Canadiens (5)

    Sep. 13, 1990 Moscow (URS)
    Spartak Moscow (8) vs. Minnesota North Stars (5)

    Sep. 14, 1990 Riga (URS)
    Dynamo Riga (2) vs. Montreal Canadiens (4)

    Sep. 15, 1990 Moscow (URS)
    Krylya Sovietov Moscow (3) vs. Minnesota North Stars (2) in OT

    Sep. 16, 1990 Moscow (URS)
    Dynamo Moscow (4) vs. Montreal Canadiens (1)

    Sep. 17, 1990 Voskresensk (URS)
    Khimik Voskresensk (2) vs. Minnesota North Stars (3)

    Sep. 18, 1990 Moscow (URS)
    CSKA Moscow (3) vs. Montreal Canadiens (2) in OT

    Sep. 19, 1990 Kiev (URS)
    Sokol Kiev (5) vs. Minnesota North Stars (0)

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