The Quiz Asks The Question – Who Are They?

The quiz continues with this one featuring what one great player said about another great player. Hint – neither played for the Habs.

“I should have won (the scoring championship) lots of times; what stopped me was (my boss). If I’d carried the puck up the ice and shot instead of passing, (my boss) would fine me $500. Even if I scored.”

When he was asked if he thought (so and so) could skate so spectacularly in the brand of hockey in his day, he replied, “I would rather not comment.” He concluded (so and so) was “a good hockey player” but emphasized that the greatest he had ever played against was Howie Morenz. “Morenz is the only one I’ll single out,’ He said. “The rest I won’t discuss.”

Jacques Plante also had something to say about one of the mystery players mentioned above. “You watch him at the end of a period with maybe twenty seconds to go. He watches the clock, and then he goes. He is very smart.”

8 thoughts on “The Quiz Asks The Question – Who Are They?”

  1. Well done Dennis, these are really hard. Google is not being cooperative. The first and last quotes even feel familiar, but I’m not sure where I read them, if ever.

  2. Dennis, thank you. But I have to give some credit to Christopher who found out the other player was Bobby Orr. I just figured MAYBE the one we were still looking for was another Boston player who played the same time as Howie Morenz.
    I am really shocked that I did get it.
    Maybe I should go out and buy a lottery ticket…

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