The Purge In Hamilton. Weird, But Maybe It’s Part Of The Master Plan

Hamilton Bulldogs head coach Don Lever and assistant coach Ron Wilson have been fired without reason by Bob Gainey and the Montreal Canadiens. Bob didn’t really give Guy Carbonneau a reason either when he was let go and replaced by – Gainey! I think pro coaches might be better off belonging to a union where you’re slighty safer in your workplace. Teamsters might be a good one. At least you get a reason when you get the boot. I’m sure even Jimmy Hoffa was given a reason before he was dipped in cement and turned into a light post.

It’s also funny (is funny the right word?) that Lever was called up to help Gainey after Carbonneau was told to hit the road? And now he’s gone. Weird.

I guess there’s several reasons why these two were let go: The players they developed in Hamilton to play for the big club haven’t exactly become star quality with said big club. But you can only work with what you have, right?

Gainey also must’ve noticed something he wasn’t crazy about with Lever when he had a chance to work along side him. Maybe Lever had better ideas and vision than the head coach and you know that can’t happen.

Maybe his French wasn’t good enough? Or is that just silly? 

Maybe he chewed with his mouth open.

And the most obvious thing – they’re making room to bring me in.

(As an extremely important sidenote, ex-NHLer Rickie Ley, who played and coached in the big league for decades and was my neighbour when we were kids, married Don Lever’s sister.)

2 thoughts on “The Purge In Hamilton. Weird, But Maybe It’s Part Of The Master Plan”

  1. Seems strange Dennis,they also let Doug Jarvis go today as well,keeping Captain Kirk in place to be Martin’s assitant.I hope it will make for a better on ice performance as I’m sure all Habs fans are.

  2. They just couldn’t sit pat. Things have to change. Too many goals against meant Jarvis had to go.

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