The Positives Of Our Big Guys Getting Injured

When I was a teenager I read a book by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale called “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

I didn’t do me one bit of good. I continued to think that my pimples were never going away and I wouldn’t be getting laid any time soon.

However, I believe there’s some positives regarding the Habs and their injuries. If you want positive thinking, I’m saying the injuries will turn the team into a powerhouse and not just make the playoffs, but also do major damage in said playoffs. This is the power of positive thinking at its finest.

It’s all about the fragile minds of the fringe players. They’ve sat in the background and listened as everyone, including me, went on about the Little Big Three and Tomas Plekanec and how much we miss Andre Markov. It’s been a nightmare for their phyche and it’s shown on the ice. All along they’ve needed ice time and couldn’t get it. In general, they’ve probably felt like pieces of shit. And all they want is to feel wanted.

Along with injuries comes big holes that need to be plugged, and these poor, unsung underachievers may soon find themselves with extra minutes, priceless power-play time, and one goal leading to two, and then three, and before you know it, all the lines are going good because everyone’s feeling great about themselves. Suddenly, many of these guys are going to get some shots at playing on the first line.

Andrei Kostitsyn is a perfect example. He’s been benched, yelled at, booed at, ridiculed, and maybe was even given wedgies in the dressing room. He became a mess. Then, little by little, he’s put on power plays and top lines and his confidence is growing and so are his points. It’s going to happen to Guillaume Latendresse too, and maybe even Max Lapierre. Hopefully.

And Kyle Chipchura, who isn’t going to win the scoring championship this year, just may find himself here and there in the upper stratosphere of a top line and Pierre Houde will be screaming, “Chipchura, C’EST LE BUT!!!!!!!!!

It’s all about feeling good about yourself, and these sometime-slackers need to feel wanted. They need to feel the warmth they felt when they were babies sucking on their mother’s teat. And they’ll get it because players like Brian Gionta or Scott Gomez or Travis Moen, or God-forbid – Tomas Plekanec or Mike Cammalleri, get injured and these guys will be needed to step up and fill in, and they will.

It’s like me when I was playing foosball at the pool hall. If my partner was only average, we’d lose often and I played like a bum. But as soon as my partner’s girlfriend came into the hall and dragged him out, I’d grab Rodney the Rodent, foosball-whiz extraordinaire, and we’d clobber all comers. Because with the Rodent I raised my game and one foosball goal led to a whole bunch more.

Dr. Phil and Tony Robbins, and yes, Norman Vincent Peale would be all over this theory, I’m sure. Although Peale’s dead so it might be a little tricky there.

Injuries are definitely tough-sledding. But if these guys can pick it up a little the way it seems Kostityn is doing, then the Canadiens might be fine after all. And maybe it’s good that we get rid of them now instead of the second part of the season.

Geez, the power of positive thinking never stops.


13 thoughts on “The Positives Of Our Big Guys Getting Injured”

  1. Ha! The Kings hired Robbins as a motivational coach in 1993 for the Stanley Cup final. I remember saying I didn’t know what scared me more, Gretzky or Robbins. As it turned out, neither was a factor… may be on to something Dennis, in a strange round about way.

  2. I have to agree that now is the time for some of these young guys to step up and grab some attention. You never like to see guys go down but in sports that’s the most frequent way of getting your shot. Don’t mess the bed when that opportunity comes knockin’. Look at O’B, man he’s the second coming of Larry Robinson, well okay not quite but we’re all really happy to see him back and look where he was last year? I bet he tried to stay positive.!

  3. That’s it, Dis John. O’Byrne’s a main guy now on defence, something he hasn’t been before. He was always on the bubble. And you’re absolutely right, he probably stayed positive. The power of positive thinking.

  4. Carey Price has been trying to stay positive this season. Sure, he’s hit a few bumps, but he’s back on the saddle and now, he’s the #1 star on our team. Keeping your confidence is always better than keeping yourself down!

  5. With some key injuries this year… it’s certainly giving us a chance to see what guys are made of.

    Price is stepping it up… Pyatt and While have taken their spots so far…. AK46 has started to pick it up… Cammalleri is showing he’s a great offensive threat… Plekanec is so good this year….

    There’s positives to draw from.

  6. There’s lots of positives, Yves. We just have to key in on guys like Lats, Lapierre, Pacioretty, D’Agostini (before he got hurt), Chipchura, and hope Kostitsyn continues his upward climb.

  7. Hey Dennis – I think you need to take a few road trips with the team and spark their confidence/game. Sound advice. You can post from the road.

  8. I notice my comments are more positive after I sleep on it but totally agree Dennis. Positive thinking is so important. There has been so much negativity from media, blogs like this. The players were taking it from coaches, probably family, fans, i think they were pretty innundated with crap. Seeing Ak contribute may be critical to the Habs. He may bring along Latendresse and Lapierre. If these two start contributing, it will be huge. Pyatt and White are great additions. Glad to see some good news as well. O’Byrne is surprising as I didn’t like his play last year. So glad he’s playing with a meaner streak. Confidence can be a great thing. Habs seem to be gelling. I have a good feeling going into this week. And I think the habs do too.

  9. Dennis, you were right that something is going to happen to Guillaume Latendresse. But it won’t be with the Canadiens. Guillaume Latendresse has been dealt to the Minnesota Wild for Benoit Pouliot.

  10. I remember Tony Marinaro saying on Team990 (Montreal sports talk radio) that his sources were saying Gui was being shopped.

    Maybe a fresh start is the best thing for Guillaum’s career.

    I feel bad for him in a way… I’m not sure that he was properly handled… but who am I??? I’m not a scout… I don’t work in player development….

    Unless Dennis buys the team and decides to give me one of those positions…


    (You hiring Dennis??)

  11. Yes Yves, I will be hiring on you’ll be there for sure. You always bring a lot to the table. Latendresse was evena disappointment when he was on Team Canada Junior’s. He never ever became the player he was suppose to become. My gut feeling is he likes the lifestyle a lot.

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