The Plot Thickens

Bob Gainey has been canned, and Serge Savard is in as an adviser in the search for a new GM. Serge, my number is 604-555-4587.

We couldn’t have Bob anymore. Not with the lingering stench of the Scott Gomez deal continuing to assault our nostrils and destroy our brain cells. What was he thinking when he did that deal with Glen Sather?

Good old Serge Savard. I met Serge once, in the parking lot across the street from the Montreal Forum, after a game in the late seventies. We were going to our car and he was going to his. “Where ya headed now, Serge?” I asked. “Philly” he answered. And that was that.

I feel like we became almost brothers after that encounter.


24 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens”

  1. Dear Mr. Kane,

    Congratulations on your promotion. I trust you will need my services and will assist in my relocation into Canada and Quebec’s “unique” immigration laws. As I live with in 25 miles of New Orleans, I am familiar with a bounty system. Please rest assure that the only scalps we would reward for the likes of Mr. Lee and other on-ice officials with anti-Canadien attitudes. I promise the HNiC crews will be afforded the better folding chairs in the overhead cat walks, although the speaker volume directed at them is beyond my control. Mr. Hrudy, unfortunately, will never be on our press pass list.

    Mike McKim

  2. Dear Mr. McKim,
    Please fax your resume to Powell Riover pronto. We presently have an opening for assistant to the GM in charge of helping make the wives comfortable. I don’t know if you’re interested, but if so, I will consider you for this position. And because you’re so close to Bourbon St., it’s possible that you might be able to assist Mr. Hobo with the national anthem in a jazz, Dixieland vein. We also need input in how to get rid of Gomez if you have any suggestions.
    Thank you for your interest in joining our team,
    Dennis Kane
    General Manager and President of “Helping Make the Wives Comfortable.”

  3. Dear Mr. Kane.

    Please consider this my application for the position of Assistant GM in Charge of Helping Make the Players’ Wives and/or Girlfriends Comfortable (AGMCHMPWGC).


    I have an idea about how to get rid of Gomez.

    Just spike his water bottle with DKRSFB.

    He’ll never know what hit him.

    Yours Truly,


  4. Dear Mr. Kane

    You are not going to start calling everyone Mr. are you? I would be delighted to have Mr. McKim assist me with the anthem. Of course i will need to travel to New Orleans on a regular basis, scouting is important. Perhaps, instead of cheer leaders, Mr. McKim can enlist Dr. John or the Meters to help with the intermission entertainment.

    Mr. Hobo

  5. Dear Mr. Danno,
    Thank you for applying for the AGMCHMPWGC job. I believe that with your Scott Gomez DKRSFB idea, you’ve quickly become the frontrunner. See, this is what I want on my team. Thinking outside the box.

  6. Mr. Dennis Kane,

    I would like to apply for the position of making Mr. Gomez disappear mysteriously.

    I do hope this position has yet to be filled and that you will give my application serious consideration.

    Yours truly
    Mr. Mike Williamson

  7. Hobo, I think he’s just there as an advisor. Maybe he’ll have influence on Bowman. They go way back.

  8. Mr Williamson, I heard through the grapevine you had something to do with Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance. In that case, you’re hired.

  9. Dennis,

    Has anyone had the decency to tell Greg Pateryn that while it was mainly his signing that caused this, he shouldn’t worry too much as there were a couple of issues in the background.

    Not to borscht too many balloons (see what I did there?) but this could all end in tears and it wont be the onions.

    Showing JM the door hardly led to a huge improvement for a variety of reasons. Yes I accept that was PG who has now gone. But there’s no guarantee the organisation will right the ship.

    Remember the effectiveness of your sackings may go down as well as up.

    Time to grab that rosary and pray.

    Sorry to rain on the parade. Hah, the parade, if only (begins to cry quietly at the misery of it all).

  10. BB – I don’t think anyone should expect us to become a championship team overnight and I think we’ll probably still have a bit of an uphill battle for awhile. At least this is a great positive first step in that battle. Let’s all bask in the joy of this…then return to our usual complaining and worrying tomorrow.

    I am so going to have a beer when I get home to celebrate.

  11. BB, you think you borscht the balloon but you didn’t. The ship will be righted. Didier Pitre told me.

  12. Darth, it’s at times like this when many beers are called for. But will you be drinking Molsons?

  13. Hobo,

    Thanks for that.

    I’ve put down the rosary and started darning a few old socks. I feel better all ready…..

  14. Dennis, as long as it’s beer I’ll drink it – I’m not picky. Well, maybe not that godawful (and I mean godawful) .5 non-alcoholic beer that tastes like liquid crap.

    I went to a bar years ago and asked for one just to try it out? The barmaid looked at me as if I were an alien and dusted off a bottle that had probably been there when Toe was putting on his first pair of skates. I took my first sip and regretted it instantly. I can happily say I learned my lesson and that stuff will never enter my body again. The stuff tastes like liquid Bruin.

  15. Darth, I tried to learn to drink that too. I thought it would solve the hangover problem. But you’re right, it tastes like liquid Bruin. Nope, behind the bench will be nice cold real stuff, served to us by the players wives.

  16. I like the way you think Dennis. You’d make an excellent GM.

    I think we also need some stools. That way we don’t have to stand for the whole game.

    It’d also be handy to have Mike on the payroll as our “special scouting agent”. We can send him to have a few little “talks” with refs like Chris Lee.

  17. Hey Dennis,Mr. Gainey is and always will be a Hab,he just didnt make the right decisions when he had the chance,Serge Savard…well he was the one who traded John Leclair and the rest for Mark Recchi,he wasnt in the fans good books after that one either,lets bring back Guy Carbonneau and give him a fresh start,maybe intice Kirk Muller to return as well.Next year will be different,heading out to Mexico today to ,maybe Montreal will call me down there .

  18. Darth, Mike can make Chris Lee an offer he can’t refuse. Or else there’ll be a horse’s head in his bed.

  19. Derry, you said you quit drinking for awhile. I see it’s come to an end. Don’t forget to have cold beer too.

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