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Over the years I’ve shown my old Montreal Canadiens scrapbook many times, and can be found under “The Old Scrapbook” in the “Categories’ section. But I haven’t mentioned often that there is another scrapbook, an older one, that my dad and I made just before we started the big one.

And like the bigger scrapbook, the cover was painted by my father who was a sign painter.

It’s falling apart, most of the pictures in it are loose, but here it is, with a few samplings of what was in it.

The first two are of Claude Richard, the Rocket and Henri’s brother who is a year younger than Henri and born sixteen years after Maurice. Claude, also known back then as Vest-Pocket, never made it to the NHL, but he came close, and joined his two brothers in training camp on the same line for a short time.

From the Hockey Hall of Fame website: “In 1958, a third Richard brother came close to cracking the lineup with the Montreal Canadiens. Claude Richard had been a terrific goal scorer with the junior Ottawa-Hull Canadiens team that featured future Canadiens Bobby Rousseau, Ralph Backstrom, Gilles Tremblay and J.C. Tremblay. “Claude had pretty well everything you need to play in the NHL except he wasn’t a good skater. He had a good shot. Then, there were only six teams. If it had been the seventies, he might have made the NHL,” shrugs Henri.















5 thoughts on “The Other Scrapbook”

  1. Ah, there is so much win with these scrapbooks. I hope someday to see them in person because I’m going to study them for hours on end.

    Dennis, why haven’t you opened your own private Habs museum? Charge 5 bucks a head, offer half a cup of beer, a date with Gaston, and you’ll be loaded in no time.

  2. Wasn’t there also a brother named Jacques who played junior ?

    A very nice article by the way. I had read a bit about Claude Richard before.

  3. Thanks Ken. There was a brother Jacques, but the one I think you’re thinking of was no relation and who played for the Remparts alongside Guy Lafleur.

  4. I do remember hearing about him from a friend when I was a boy. It would have been cool had it happened.

  5. Hey Dennis, I remember when Jaques Richard was drafted by the Atlanta Flames when they came into the NHL. He was a very highly touted youngster and the comparisons to Guy Lafleur were heard quite often,he didn’t have a long NHL carreer if I remember right. I like Darth’s idea though but you ought to give them a couple of beer , that way you could enjoy it with them.

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