“The Only Cup They’ll Win Is If They Roll Up A Rim And Win A Free Coffee Cup.” Sheesh.

Beatnik dug up these comments somewhere and emailed them to me. The question was – Can the Canadiens win the Stanley Cup? Here’s the answers.

March 07, 2009 – 11:38 AM
No – this year’s team has a good chance of missing the play-offs let alone being a serious contender.
Irv Black
March 07, 2009 – 9:44 AM
NO. They will not make the playoffs at this rate. Who on this team could find a seat on the bench in 1956=1960 and 1976 and 1979. Not to mention the 60’s and early 70’s. Perhaps the talent is there but they do not play with any passion to win or hatred of losing.    
March 07, 2009 – 8:01 AM
I’ll be happy if they make the playoffs, way too may invisible players on the team. Lets just hope we win the cup before the Leafs do…geez.    
March 07, 2009 – 1:05 AM
Absolutely not. Oh and how fitting, because the team now reflects Montreal in general. Up until the late 70’s the Habs were world renowned, THE team on the top of the world, and the same could be said for Montreal the city. Now, sadly, in the present both Montreal the city and team have collapsed and are quickly fading away. A failed team to represent a failed city. Gone Habs Gone.
John Howard
March 07, 2009 – 12:10 AM
I think its a prerequisite to make the playoffs to win the Stanley Cup. This team isn’t making the playoffs. They can’t get out of their own way right now.
March 06, 2009 – 8:53 PM
They showed potential earlier in the season, but as in other years they can’t seem to maintain a steady level consistency. It’s the same with these big stars they get like Kovalev. They play well for awhile and then fall asleep. It’s a recurring theme with this team.
March 06, 2009 – 7:14 PM
I too have been a Habs fan for many years, I wish they had more heart. I agree with the snake, I am very upset that Ganey did not do anything in the draft. Every year I wish they would pick some one up like Lecavalier who could really help the team but here we are same old team and I really don’t think they will make the playoffs this year.
J1 Joe
March 06, 2009 – 4:27 PM
Still waitng for last years IMPACT player that BG said he would get….NO they will not and DO NOT deserve any CUP!
Georges A.
March 06, 2009 – 4:05 PM
You”re kidding ,right !!
March 06, 2009 – 2:49 PM
The only Cup they will win is if they roll up the rim and win a free coffee CUP.


March 06, 2009 – 2:24 PM
Are you kidding me??!!

4 thoughts on ““The Only Cup They’ll Win Is If They Roll Up A Rim And Win A Free Coffee Cup.” Sheesh.”

  1. Too much negativity will bring us all nowhere. I hear TK reads The Secret. Maybe it’ll become required reading while on long flights.

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