The Ones That Got Away

Unfortunately, Andrei Kostitsyn won’t be winning the scoring championship this year as he only has a measly ten goals and thirteen assists so far.

There’s just no denying he’s one of the culprits not helping “The Team That Scoring Forgot.”

He may, however, be the best player to ever come out of Belarus, although kid brother Sergei has eleven goals in Nashville, so even that’s debatable.

The depressing facts are:

Andrei Kostitsyn was selected 10th in the 2003 draft.

After him came Jeff Carter at 11th, Zach Parise – 17th, Ryan Getzlaf – 19th, Mike Richards – 24th, Patrice Bergeron – 45th, and Shea Weber – 49th, all of whom show character whether they’re scoring or not, as opposed to Kostitsyn who is just a body who goes on the ice, skates around for a minute, and then goes off again.

This shows that scouting is not an exact science, which Bob Davidson and John McLellan could vouch for after they travelled to Russia before the 1972 Summit Series and came back saying the Russians can’t shoot and have a very weak goaltender named Vladislav Tretiak.

16 thoughts on “The Ones That Got Away”

  1. Dennis, would the real Andrei Kostitsyn please stand up?

    He had a fabulous start in October and November but it has just gone downhill ever since.

    When Kostitsyn puts in 100 per cent, magnificent things happen. Pucks go into the other teams’ nets.

    I too am disappointed in his performance lately but I fear if we trade him, we will get little in return for him and he will come back to haunt us.

    The key for the Habs is to find out how to get the best out of him, if that is possible.

    So far, he remains an enigma.

  2. It’s a problem, Danno, because he’s shown that he has real skills and is more than what he shows. It must be all in his head. Maybe he’s not all that interested in being a star. Maybe it’s just a job for him.

  3. Dennis, for the love of God, please do not write columns like this as it is all too depressing. Kinda ruined my day (and it’s sunshining!!!). I was having a beautiful day on the stock markets and ‘Kostitsyn’s face and name appeared on my computer. Took a deep breath and mustered ahead.

  4. Sorry Mayo. Maybe you should try meditating. Try this – close your eyes, breathe in, and picture any of those guys who came after Kost., wearing a Habs uniform. Oh, sorry, more depression.

  5. He deserves the honour, Danno. I’d also say Moen and Gomez could be thrown in the mix too. Although Gomez has picked it up somewhat lately. Not enough though.

  6. Dennis, it’s unbelievable that there was so much gold in them there hills of the 2003 draft. But it’s looking more and more like we got stuck with a lump of Belarusian coal.
    But there are several more under-performing Habs, not just AK. He just happens to be a popular whipping boy at the moment.
    Everyone needs to ramp it up especially the ones who were hired to score some goals.
    I’m sick and tired of games where a dismal lack of offense costs us the game.

  7. Danno, only eight times this year have the Habs scored more than three goals, and not lately at all. The last time was Dec. 16th in a 4-3 win over Boston. I agree, it’s very tiring.

  8. Having watched AK play a game live, I can honestly say that the guy is really talented and totally focused when in the offensive zone. In the defensive zone he’s pretty much the complete opposite. Given the style of coach on the Habs, I can see why AK spends a lot of time in the doghouse as a result. Woof woof.

    Say, Dennis, do you mind if I copy your “Quote of the Day” schtick for my site? Imitation is a flattering sort of sincerity, or some such nonsense. If no, it’s okay. I’ll just wallow in bitter silence. 😉

  9. Or Dennis, way down at #245 Dustin Byfuglien.

    Last year, I think I read somewhere that December was by far Andrei Kostitsyn’s best month. He’s put an end to that.

    From Danno’s article, not surprising that Alexei Kovalev is the goat in Ottawa and that Mike Komisarek gave it a strong challenge in Toronto, but came up short once again.

  10. Gawd, Christopher, look at the difference between Big Buf and Kostitsyn. I hope Mayo doesn’t see this, he’ll be even more depressed.

  11. Danno, thanks. Imagine. We sure don’t see him hitting the net all that often anymore. If he had figured out the secret to his success, why isn’t he still doing it? Maybe he forgot. It seems like he plays on the perimeter mostly now, with very few good scoring chances. And one little thing that may or may not be important: After the Pittsburgh shootout, the cameras showed everyone rushing from the bench to the ice to congratulate Price. But only Kostitsyn took his time. He was the last one off, and casually went over the boards and skated down. I wondered when I saw that.

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