The Old Title Doesn’t Work Anymore

Not that I’m lazy, but after spending about an hour talking about James Neal, Shawn Thornton, Brad Marchand, Brooks Orpik, and the fact that Andrei Markov’s seems to be fine, I then somehow deleted the whole friggin thing.

No idea. It’s not the first time. And I’m not going to attempt to write it again.  My brain only works in short spurts and rest of the time goes into hibernation.

It’s unbelievable to think that somehow I deleted the entire thing. Am I losing my mind? And I thought I’d done a darn good job too. It would’ve been about a three-minute read where I said something nice about Brad Marchand and now it’s fifteen seconds of me whining.

L.A. Kings visit the Bell Tuesday night. A good Western Division club. It’ll be interesting to see if the Canadiens pick it up a notch.

The Kings sit at 42 points (19-7-4) in the West. Habs have 41 points (19-9-3) in the East.

Go Habs



13 thoughts on “The Old Title Doesn’t Work Anymore”

  1. Dennis, I think I know what’s going on.

    Your computer punished you for saying something nice about Brad Marchand. :mrgreen:

  2. Sorry about the technical snafu, Dennis. As for tomorrow’s game, well, it’ll be a good measuring stick for the Habs.

  3. Thanks guys. All I can come up with is that maybe I never saved it and then lost it. But I usually do. Several times.

  4. Small consolation Dennis but I think that or something similar has happened to the best of us. Imagine how it feels when you lose a whole bunch of report card comments! About the little puke Marchand…. I don’t want to see any player treated like that even a putz like him. Couldn’t help but wonder while he was down if he was trying to milk it like he has done before. And didn’t he score late to tie the game? Anyway I think Neal knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t even look down when he contacted the head. How do you hit something and if accidental not look back to see what you hit? Have to laugh about the Boohooins crying there was no way Neal didn’t know what he was doing. I guess they forgot what Chara sounded like a couple of years ago. So I guess while I don’t condone what happened to Marchand I can think of several instances when he deliberately tried to hurt a guy and well Karma’s a bitch son.

  5. @dishonest John…losing report card comments. How horrible that must have been :(((

    @Dennis…what a drag you lost it and how maddening! I have to say that about twice over the years I have commented on one of your posts and accidentally deleted it. It’s really frustrating.

    Is Thorton gone for long you think?

  6. I’ve done it a couple of times at work too. Written about something that took awhile, then lost it.
    From listening to TSN690, many are for hoping double digits but somehow it seems it won’t happen. He’s a Boston Bruin. It’ll be interesting. I’d like to see at least eight. 20 would be good too.

  7. DJ, yeah, the nice thing I said in my first post was that nobody, even a rascal like him, deserves a big knee in the head. it could do long term damage. But he’s been such a nasty bugger over the years, a little Karma like you say is good.

  8. It will be a good measuring stick, Ian. I don’t think they’ve played really well for a few games, even though they’ve won. So it’s time to play a really good game.

  9. Don’t worry Dennis. To err is human, but to really mess things up requires a computer.

    Anyway I don’t think I could handle 3 minutes of nice words for Bruins. Loui Eriksson is the only one that deserves something nice be said about him. That was a very unfortunate but legal hit. And although Thornton does seem sincerely sorry for the cheap shots he unleashed, it’s too late.

  10. Someone help me understand the difference between Thornton’s assault on Orpik and Emery’s assault on whoever that guy was, Holtby? Really in both cases the “victim” wanted no part of a fight and was then assaulted. As we know somehow the league had no rule to deal with what Emery did. So just what is the hair splitting difference between the two incidents?
    Yes Marjo horrible is one way to describe it. You know that split second of feeling just stunned and your brain doesn’t work for a couple of seconds and then reality dawns on you. Then you get really pissed off!

  11. Great point, DJ. I don’t see any difference between Thornton’s and Emery’s actions, aside from one guy getting carried off on a stretcher and the other wasn’t. A century of hockey and problems continue to mount up. Still waiting for the Thornton announcement.It’s going to be interesting to see.

  12. Thanks Christopher. It wasn’t 3 minutes of nice words about the Bruins though. It was a ten seconds of saying nobody deserves head injuries. After that I put the hammer down. Thornton seems popular with teammates and ex-teammates, but for me at least, as a lowly hockey fan, I think he’s a thug and a clown.

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