The Old Scrapbook Choo Choo Train Chugs Along

A few things to mention as we continue down the old scrapbook trail. Included in this post is an old letter I’d written asking if a crest I saw on one of the Rocket’s sports jackets was available to the public but Frank Selke Jr. wrote back and said it wasn’t.

The huge face of the Rocket you see is from an old Vitalis sign that was in the barbershop window in Orillia that the barber gave to me. It’s made of thick cardboard and because of its thickness, it was the beginning of the pages starting to come apart.

Also in this edition is a picture of Jacques Plante and it appears to be autographed, which I didn’t know about until now. I researched this picture and could only find the same thing minus the signature. I suppose it’s possible that when the Canadiens sent me these pictures, they included the signed Plante, which I never noticed.

3 thoughts on “The Old Scrapbook Choo Choo Train Chugs Along”

  1. My uncle, who works for Imperial Tobacco, used to deliver cigars to the Rocket once a month for a few years way back in the 80s. He said Richard was always a very friendly guy and really nice to talk too. I think if I would have met him I would have screamed like a little school girl seeing Justin Bieber and made a total ass out of myself. 🙁

    These memories are great. That’s why people joining our team should appreciate what that crest means.

  2. Darth, I was lucky to meet the Rocket once, in Calgary when he was refereeing an Old-timers game. I asked Jimmy Mann if he would go and get him from the dressing room, which he did. Rocket was friendly, charming, patient, smiling – everything I’d hoped. My sister took a picture of him and me and I said thanks, and he said, wait a minute, I want a picture with your sister.So her and I traded places. it was a big night for me. I’d waited many years for this chance.

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