The Old Program Sits On A Shelf

The old program sits on a shelf in my spare room (a room I’ll show you very soon), and it’s quite a program if I do say so myself.

It’s from the 1941-42 season in the Quebec Senior Hockey League featuring a game between the Montreal Senior Canadiens and the Montreal Royals, and what’s especially unique is seeing Maurice Richard in the lineup for the Senior Canadiens, a year before he joined the Habs.

You may have heard that when the Rocket joined the Habs he was wearing number 15, but when his first child Huguette was born, weighing in at nine pounds, Rocket asked if he could change to number nine in honour of his baby girl.

But the number nine must have already had a soft spot in his heart, because as you can see, he was wearing it when he was playing senior hockey.

Also playing on this particular night for the Montreal Royals was Bill Durnan, who of course became a legendary goalie for the Canadiens shortly after, from 1943 to 1950, and Glen Harmon, number 12 for the senior Canadiens, who joined the Habs the following season and played for them from 1942-51.

2 thoughts on “The Old Program Sits On A Shelf”

  1. Dennis, your program has more information than the Internet HockeyDB for the QSHL from that long ago.

    The name Jack Adams jumped out and surprised me. Turns out it’s not the Jack Adams but another that had played for the Canadiens the year before.

    This program makes the sceptic in me wonder about the story of Richard changing his number in honour of Huguette. Rookies rarely get their number of choice. Maybe it was a good story to help him get his number or maybe it was a coincidence and someone made up a good story that stuck. It’s such a good story we still remember it almost 70 years later.

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