The Old Man And The CH

My wife works at an old folks home and one day she noticed that an 80 year old fellow named Yvan had Habs coasters on his table in his room.  So she asked him if he was a Montreal Canadien fan and he said yes indeed, he’s been one all his life. The two of them chatted about the team that day, had great talks as the boys wove their way through the playoffs, and continue to do so now whenever they see each other.

Yvan says he can’t wait for the season to begin. 

This is a man who would have been a young boy when Morenz and Joliat were dazzling all concerned, the Montreal Maroons were alive and well, and young Maurice Richard was thinking about shaving.

From then to now, he’s never stopped loving his Habs.

And the other day, in a touching gesture, he tracked down my wife and gave her this lovely face cloth.

4 thoughts on “The Old Man And The CH”

  1. That is way too beautiful a thing to wash one’s dirty face with Dennis.

    Now, if it were a Leaf’s face cloth…

  2. Hey Dennis, I guess you can find Hab fans anywhere eh?Nice gesture to your wife in giving up his facecloth to her,although Danno,if it were a Leafsa cloth I would be washing the other dirty end with it.

  3. That’s pretty cool. I have a Habs hand towel some former students gave me, maybe I’ll still have it when I’m 80?

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