The Old Forum – Before Renovations

Folks seemed to like this illustration, which I have in my treasured Habs scrapbook, the first time I posted it back in 2009, and I think it’s worthy of another look.

There’s no Canadiens crests at centre ice for some reason, but the pillars that were there blocking people’s views can be seen just at the top of the blues. And is that Rene Lecavalier and Danny Gallivan up there in the booth telling us in French and English how the boys are doing?

This is a 1960’s artist’s rendition of the old Montreal Forum before its 1968 restoration. I think it’s quite beautiful, in a whimsical kind of way.


And now –


18 thoughts on “The Old Forum – Before Renovations”

  1. Hey Dennis, I always thought that the seats went red, white and blue. with the blue ones being added in 68, I could be mistaken but I always thought that was how it went, as the illustration shows it going red, blue and white. I bought a blue Forum seat because this is what I figured on, is there anyway to verify the color code in the Forum?

  2. Derry – The blue seat you bought came from the upper reaches of The Forum. Do not remember the seat colours from my only pre-68 visit but do remember clouds of smoke and that the Blackhawks were the bad guys.

  3. Hey Dennis, Thanks Mike I was there 95 but I thought I remembered the seats the way I explained it before, I used to live in Thurso in the late 50’s but was to young to go to the Forum.

  4. And don’t forget, Derry, that was an artist’s creation and the seat colours might not be exact. He doesn’t have the CH’s at centre either. But I’m going to try to find out the original colour scheme. I was there twice before renovations and like Mike, I don’t remember. I think a lot of seats were brown. But beginning in ’68, they went red, white, and blue at the top.

  5. Derry you are correct, it’s red white & blue. I know as I purchased the seat I sat in on the 3rd last Saturday home game. It’s blue row J section 416 seat 1.
    Cheers & All The Very Best!!

  6. Dennis, I found it simply by searching for images via Google using the terms Montreal Forum and maybe Old, before renovations etc…

    I had to perform a reverse image search also on Google to find out where the image comes from. It appears on at least three pages including this one from

    You’ll be surprised when you see what else is on the page…

  7. Hey Dennis, Thanks Mike all the best to you and your family as well, my seat is row h section 414 and I forgot the seat number, it is back at my place in Gold River which is about 700 miles from where I am currently living.To everyone who looks in on Dennis’s blog I wish you all a great Christmas and an awesome 2014 and Dennis and Luci , keep the stories coming .

  8. Hey Dennis, I will email you a pic of a print I bought out of Edmonton about 12 years ago of the Forum pre expansion, it currently hangs on the wall here in Mackenzie.

  9. I have a white chair from the old Montreal Forum but it is pretty rough shape. Any idea who, in the Montreal or Ottawa area, I could bring it to for restoration?

  10. I’ve never heard of anyone getting their chair restored, Darrell. What’s wrong with it? Broken? Needs a paint job?

  11. I have a forum seat that is signed by Jean Beliveau who recently passed away. The seat is #4 im not sure of the section or row but the seat is white with a whiteish seat bottom. I was wondering if it was added before 1968 renovation i think the seat was located behind the goalie in the upper reaches of the old forum, it doesn’t look like the typical white ones in 300’s ive seen, it looks to be maybe from the balcony area in 500’s or 600’s seats, but I could be wrong thanks.

  12. Hi Nicholas. I suppose it’s possible you have a seat from pre-renovations as some were left from then when they renovated. I’ve seen red ones from the original Forum that remained, but there certainly were’t many. If yours is different from the usual white ones it’s very cool anyway, whether it was before renovations or not. It’s also great that yours is number 4 and signed by the great man.

  13. Hi Dennis. Thanks for the information I was just curious about my seat. I am very happy I was able to get it signed by Jean Beliveau before he passed, a great hockey legend, may he rest in peace.

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