The Night Mike Gillis Became Steve Tambellini

Only yesterday did I bring myself to watch the NHL Awards which I had recorded but kept avoiding. But I had the day off, I was killing time, and so I fired it up.

I knew it wouldn’t be great because it’s never great. Never. In fact, the NHL Awards show just might be the worst awards show out there. But I decided to watch the entire thing because there’s usually good shots of the players wives and girlfriends. And I fastforwarded any Bruins parts.

So here’s what I found along with the usual drivel and production mistakes. Vancouver GM Mike Gillis was nominated and actually won General Manager of the Year, and when they showed his picture on the big screen, it was Steve Tambellini, GM of the Edmonton Oilers, with Gillis’ name on the pic. A billion dollar business and they screw this up.

Here’s the photo. And that’s Tambellini you’re looking at.

Below, the real Mike Gillis.

8 thoughts on “The Night Mike Gillis Became Steve Tambellini”

  1. Dennis I don’t think Canuck fans noticed. For several years now they’ve been mistaking the entire Canucks team as champions.

  2. Dennis, I cringed when the Housewives of Bev. Hills where on to preent an award. Yikes! Can’t they get better hockey fans/presenters who appreciate the game? I’m volunteering you and I. What do you say to a nice road trip!

  3. Diane, it was a joke when they came on. And to make matters worse, one of them pronounced Martin St. Louis completely wrong. The whole thing stunk. (Stank?) (Smelled?)

  4. Yes, Dennis, Martin Sane Lew-ez was pronounced Martin St. Lewis. Steve Why-zerman by the announcer was pathetic as well.

    Let’s plead our case and volunteer for next year. At least we’ll be fun.

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