The Night Georges Laraque Will Be Welcomed As A Hab

We’ll all know when big Georges Laraque will be truly welcomed into the Montreal Canadiens fold, and embraced by Montreal fans. The exact moment he gets his official welcome will come when one of the smaller Montreal players, some player with amazing talent, will be manhandled by an opposing player, and big Georges will step in.


The other guy, also a heavyweight, will drop his gloves and Georges’ eyes will flare up. The opposing player won’t like what’s coming, but he’s a warrior too. They’ll stand nose to nose and begin to flail, and they’ll pound away as sweaters come up and off, and teammates stand around in awe and with respect.


And with each punch from Georges, a clear warning disguised as knuckles is sent by him: you don’t take advantage of my smaller, skilled teammates.


Georges will send his message and raise his arms, and we’ll cheer from the seats and from our living room. Every player on the other team will get the message. Montreal teammates will be grateful. And word will spread quickly around the league that you don’t mess with the skilled Montreal guys or you stand to have George Laraque ruining your day.


And we’ll embrace this man blessed with a kind face, friendly smile, and fists of steel. 


When that first fight happens, when he sticks up for a teammate, George Laraque will become family.



7 thoughts on “The Night Georges Laraque Will Be Welcomed As A Hab”

  1. Maybe the longer term solution is to enforce the existing rules where skilled players can perform, and the likes of the Laraque’s of the league won’t be needed.

    The NHL has certainly moved in this direction, but they just need to take those last few steps.

  2. Lawrence, there’s been tough guys taking advantage of smaller skilled guys for 100 years. It’s never going to change. We’ll always need guys like Georges. But they have to be able to play a little, and he can.
    And Sandy, you’re right except for one. I never liked Mike Rebeiro.

  3. Dennis,

    Because something has happened for “100 years” doesn’t mean it’s never going to change. I can think of a LOT of things that seemed like they’d never change at the time, but then did.

    And you with a few years on me, have witnessed some of these changes.

    You loved Trevor Linden when he was in Montreal.

  4. Good post. I can close my eyes and imagine it happening. Good times.

    I’m all in favour of goons. Why were the 80s so popular? Lots of scoring and lots of fights. Probert, Domi, Kordic, etc. I remember one game, watching a guy on Chicago get into a fight with two different Leafs on the same shift. He got into one fight, and when he pummeled the Leaf into oblivion, he looked for another Leaf and then destroyed him. More good times.

  5. Lawrence from your early years at school you must have endured bullying at recess from a kid bigger than you,would’nt it have been sweet to have a bigger friend come to your rescue.Same holds true in sports intimadation can be quickly ended & from that point on, fists will not be required!Trash talk & trying to intimadate will always be part of professional sport the stakes are too high to be less than what you can be if the other team has you on the run & hearing foot steps,Your on your way to looseing !!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!

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