Latendresse Caught Sleeping On The Job

Hockey analyst Bob McKenzie just mentioned on TSN that when it was decided that Brian Gionta couldn’t play in Nashville because of an injury, Guillaume Latendresse was pencilled in as a last-minute replacement. Latendresse was originally destined to sit that night, but an hour or so before the game, it was decided that he would play.

But they couldn’t find him.

He was back at the hotel sleeping.

Eventually they found him, woke him, and he suited up.

Latendresse is now officially my least-favourite player.

25 thoughts on “Latendresse Caught Sleeping On The Job”

  1. Wasn’t he sick or something? That’s what i heard anyways.

    He either played 7 minutes last night because he was sick, or because Martin didn’t appreciate the sleeping incident either.

  2. That’s right. Imagine. And where else would he make the money he makes and have the life he has? It’s pretty bad.

  3. I’m looking at my Latendress t-shirt… It’s bright red. I can’t bring myself to wear it anymore. I haven’t worn it since summer…

    That one year contract is all you’re getting from the Habs, Guimauve.

    If I were Martin, I’d have called him to get his ass to the rink, then played Stewart in his spot mwahahaha!

  4. Come-on guys!

    Take it easy on the guy.

    Afterall, it’s not like he missed the bus for a preseason game or was in the wrong position during during preseason practice after having just joined the team because of rehabbing an off-season surgery.

    So he contravened the club rules by not coming to the game. So what if it seems he might have been pouting after being made a healthy scratch. So what if his production and on ice behaviour has been beyond dismal this season.

    Let’s look at the bright side:

    At least he’s not Byelorussian!

  5. hey yea bunch of hab haters, look at the leafs sleeping for 40 years, get off one habplayer .maybe they were playing the laughs ,you could sleep and still win

  6. all habs fans are hurting and feel ripped off. get rid of sleeping beauty but don’t send him to hamilton. whatever he has is probably contageous!

  7. this is a non-story story…. healthy scratch, why should he be forced to be AT the game an hour early. If he had an hour to kill in some city, why not rest up. even with a need to be AT the game for game time, but as a scratch, that gives him 15 minutes more sleep, 15-30 minutes to get up and get ready, and 15 minutes to get to the rink before puck drops, of which he wasn’t playing, so he needed ZERO minutes to get ready in gear or warm up.

    Yeah, he’s a dud this year, but fact remains that this is a moronic issue.

    If i was him, i would have said exactly what i just wrote out on here and left it at that.

  8. Hey Hey and that is why I spend a little bit of time watching ” L’attaque a 5″. Actually this is the story that I have heard. The hotel is almost co-located to the arena ( 500 feet ) and Lats along with other scratch players were told to stay away from the arena until game time by JM. Not sure why but it is presumed by certain media folks that the organization wants to keep players from spending too much time talking to the press.

    Believe me when I say that I am certainly not a big fan of Lats (soft, skates like he is towing a fifth wheel etc) but at the same time, this particular thing was not his fault. Another interesting thing is that the Habs do not dress scratch players for pre-game warmup which is apparently an odd thing to do. If they would dress all their players for pre-game warmup like other teams do, this would not have been a story.

    Hope this clarify things (again, this is what I have heard and I have no proof either way)


  9. I don’t buy for a second that the Canadiens would not have extra players ready before the game. Stuff happens, injuries in the pre-game warmup, the flu, and players are needed to be ready. Being told to stay away is weird to me.

  10. Dennis, the boys at L’attaque a 5 said the same thing last night. They do not understand why that is, but apparently that is the way that they do it. I agree with you that it does sounds weird and ill prepared but again, this is what they were talking about last night.

  11. Get a life…

    Did you see the last time he picked his nose? Anything newsworthy to extract from that?

    How about the time that he walked ‘out ot step’ à la Paul McCartney? How gauche!

    etc, etc, etc…………


  12. Hey Shortcat1:

    I’ve got a life, and it involves producing results in sometimes difficult circumstances while being a member of a team of other likeminded professionals. If I produce and am of benefit to my team, then I get a paycheque– if I don’t my behind gets canned.

    Excuse me if I think that there is a certain modicum of professionalism required of someone who is paid as much a professional hockey player. Excuse me if I think that being a team member means holding myself accountable. Excuse me if think that so far Gu!’s contribution to the team has been damn near non-existent.

    Finally, excuse me if I take an interest in why the heck Gui looked like crap in Nashville (after having almost been scratched). I mean , normally, I’d just chalk it up to a player rushed too soon and without enough tools in his box. Now, however I know that it was because he was groggy from having been deeply asleep so close to the drop of the puck.

  13. man oh man i never heard so much crap, talk about hockey , who gives a dam if he was sleepy , if that is what it takes to fill your space, i don,t want to read it anymore, how about price kicking rubber the last two games , get on with some real stuff and earn a proper paycheck

  14. Richard. I post hockey talk every single day, sometimes 2, 3 and even 4 times a day. There’s more info here that at NHL headquarters. Surely you can allow me to pass along what what said at TSN’s The Hockey Insider. Are you saying there’s not enough room to include that? I also think it’s a very important hockey issue. Latendresse couldn’t be located to play and was found sleeping in his hotel room. You don’t think that’s important? I also have much to say about Carey Price and his stopping pucks.

  15. Hey Dennis:

    Sorry for airing my snark in my last post. But I have to go back to the thesis of my original comment. Where was this outrage when Sergei was in the news? Or what about the whole mobster thing last year (which ended up being another non-story). Why the outrage now?

    To quote a player agent, “Hmmmmm”.

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