The Mystery Of The Programs, Dammit.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Stanley Cup finals taking place right now, but I decided to post this because, well….. I decided to, dammit.

In 1974, when the best from the renegade World Hockey Association played the Russian National team in the series that followed the original ’72 Series, the Russian program distributed at Luzhniki Ice Palace looked something like this. This isn’t one but it looked like this.


But I have this other one at home, a Russian program from the series, and it’s made of glossy paper, unlike the normal one, and it’s got this cool photo of Moscow with Luzhniki in the foreground. It’s still has the lineups and game dates, but it’s completely different.

Unfortunately, Team Canada, with players like Bobby Hull, Frank Mahovlich, Gordie Howe, and JC Tremblay, didn’t fare well, winning one, tying three, and losing four to basically the same powerful Russian squad that surprised Canadians in 1972.

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