The Morenz Memorial Program

Howie Morenz passed away on March 8, 1937, and that fall, on November 2, the NHL All-Stars featuring Eddie Shore, Charlie Conacher, Busher Jackson and the gang played a Montreal Canadiens/Maroons combination with Aurele Joliat, Johnny Gagnon, Toe Blake and Jimmy Ward and the rest to raise money for the Morenz family.

Howie Morenz Jr., who was about 10, skated in the pre-game warmup and took shots on both goalies.

This is the program from that night.



3 thoughts on “The Morenz Memorial Program”

  1. And then little Howie Jr. got sick and died. His poor mom. Bless her heart, still one of the saddest stories…

  2. Marjo, it was Donald who died. But regardless, it doesn’t matter which son, it was still so sad and like you say, poor mom (Mary).

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