The Mayor’s Mouth

“I will be the mayor of all Montrealers,” said Denis Coderre said last Sunday when he was elected top dog of the city.

All Montrealers except David Desharnais.

“Allo? Un billet simple pour Hamilton pour David Desharnais svp… Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to Hamilton for David Desharnais please…” tweeted Coderre during Sunday’s game.

I agree with players such as Max Pacioretty and Josh Gorges, and coach Mike Therrien also. This sort of thing isn’t going to help Desharnais. It’s kicking him when he’s down, by the new mayor of Montreal.

It’s one thing for fans to moan about DD’s lack of production in online chats. It’s the same as talking sports in a bar. And fans should complain about one lousy assist in seventeen games. But when the mayor says something like this, it hits the airwaves. It’s everywhere. Kind of a kick in the gonads.

I wonder how Rob Ford would handle the DD situation.

Desharnais must feel like a piece of shit. His family too.

Coderre says he’ll be the mayor of all Montrealers. Everyone except DD.

16 thoughts on “The Mayor’s Mouth”

  1. It’s too bad Eric Cole lost interest in playing in Montreal— he sure helped DD and Max Pac turn on the jets!! Sometimes I wonder if there’s something about what Camellerie said few years back bout a losing attitude in the room. They seem to chase away retired players who would benefit them and bring back the mistakes. Maybe the wet snow clouds my brain—–

  2. My views on DD are well known amongst the readers of your blog, but I am a nobody (just ask my wife!). It is completely inappropriate and unfair for the Mayor of Montreal to make this kind of public pronouncement. He should offer a complete and unreserved apology to DD.

  3. Agree for sure, Ian. There’s no need for that. Another politician shooting his mouth off. And the beat goes on with the soap opera that is the Montreal Canadiens.

  4. If I were a professional hockey player I would never play in this town. How can anyone not feel DD’s pain after seeing his reaction on the Islander’s goal last night? Poor guy’s probably so stressed out. I hope one of two things happen: he gets out of this slump and returns to way he played or he gets traded to a team where no one gives a shit about hockey. Way too many cooks in this town.

    Honestly people, let the team be. They will figure it all out.

    As for Corderre, what comes around goes around. A twitter apology would be the mature thing to do.

  5. Dennis you are far too kind to Coderre.

    Some people are suggesting that Coderre has a right to his opinion just like anyone else – except that he is, as mayor of Montreal, unlike anyone else. If he were, his opinion on this would have dispersed like so many farts in the wind.

    Coderre is a classic “look at me” politician. I think he’s a medling, can’t shut his mouth turdball. Anyone remember the Shane Doan incident from 2005?,265649

  6. Thanks for this Robert. I’d forgotten about the Shane Doan thing. Coderre’s a meddler and should stick to getting the roads around here fixed. As Marjo alludes to, it’s so tough to be an athlete, particularly a Hab, in Montreal. DD seems to be a nice and friendly guy and this sort of thing can’t be good.

  7. Can anyone explain the rules to send Desharnais to Hamilton? I think he would be subject to waivers, etc. but I don’t understand what that entails. So sending him may not even be a real option.

    He isn’t being sent down to Hamilton, but he will be a healthy scratch so that Brière can take his place which is almost as bad.

  8. I hope David Desharnais can find a way out of his funk. It must be a horrible feeling and having everybody and the mayor pile on top of you doesn’t help. It must be a living hell if he really cares about the team and I think he genuinely does care. I never got that impression from Scott Gomez who stunk to high heaven but always had that sh!t-eating grin – all the way to the bank.

  9. Yes, for me, Gomez and DD are worlds apart. I couldn’t stand seeing Gomez wearing the CH, but with DD, he seems a likeable fellow. He’s not the only player who has ever played who has found himself in a bitch of a slump. His problem was that it started at the beginning of the season and many feel he just doesn’t have it anymore. Maybe that’s the case. But if he had started off with ten goals in seven games and then went dry for 17, it might be different. The main thing is, he’s not helping the team much right now. With the injuries and the smaller overall size etc., everyone has to be going.

  10. Chris, it’s a really good question and I can’t answer it. Is it in his contract that he can’t be sent down? The waiver thing and all that – I don’t know. If I was to guess, I think he could go to Hamilton with no strings attached. Just a pure demotion at the same salary. But I’m probably wrong.

  11. For all of my issues with his play, I don’t place DD in the same league as Gomez. DD is vastly overpaid and is vastly underperforming, but I don’t question his desire to succeed. Gomez was even more grossly overpaid (over twice as much), and his every action on the ice showed that he couldn’t have cared less about succeeding. He never wanted to play in Montreal and made that perfectly clear the day he was traded to the Canadiens. For all of the bad trades that we have seen Montreal make over the last 20 years–and there have plenty of them–the once that brought on Gomez and his absurd contract, and gave up (as it turned out) a high-calibre defenseman in Ryan McDonagh may have been the worst of all.

  12. Ian, from time to time I check and see how Gomez is doing. The last time I looked he had 1 goal and 3 assists. What a nightmare that whole Gomex thing was. It still lingers a little. I was never so happy as when I heard he was bought out.

  13. There’s nothing complicated about sending DD to Hamilton. The Canadiens would put him on waivers, and if he is unclaimed, he goes to the Bulldogs. Same deal when he’s called back up. That might be the next scenario. With the new CBA, the Canadiens would only save $900,000 of his $3.5M salary. So in essence, if there was a taker out there for David, the Habs could send him to waivers and the other team would get him free of charge. Montreal can also trade him directly to a team and retain a portion of his salary that would go against their cap for the rest of this year, and the next three seasons. So this is why they are hoping DD in some way plays back into form, because as it stands, he is an untradeable asset that will cost them big bucks to buy out come summer. And there will still be a 66% cap hit over the next 6 seasons.

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