The Master Plan Is Starting To Come Together

Phase one of the master plan has been successfully completed. The team won last night. It’s good, it’s terrific, but it’s only the beginning. This is the entire master plan set out by the mad and handsome genius, me.

Phase two:  Win tonight.

Phase three. Win on Sunday.

Phase four: Overtake the Canucks in total points and stay in front so Sandy will lose the bet and owe me.

Phase five: Win almost every game, (or every game, why not?) and make the playoffs.

Phase six:  Be successful in breaking bones and tearing ligaments of Alfredsson, Heatley, Spezza, Crosby, and several others who will try to destroy the master plan.

Phase seven:  Bring home the Stanley Cup. (where it belongs.)

4 thoughts on “The Master Plan Is Starting To Come Together”

  1. The likelihood that Lord Stanley’s pail will end up anywhere near the Province of separation, political largess, fallen Catholics, language laws, and smokers everywhere, is as likely happening as the chances I’ll be the next Hollywood action star.

  2. Well Dennis I guess Lawrence could team up with the Sardine twins in a real action packed thriller,Orcas`s devastate Canucks action figures as they become floatation devices!!
    Canadiens 5 Tampa Bay 2 Canadiens 5 Florida 1
    Onwards &upwards in the quest for which belongs to the team that has held it high 23 times !!
    Les Canadien Sont La !
    It seems Lawerance is unable to take the bantering back & forth for what it is “fun” & has stooped to denounce an entire segment of our Country–Pity.

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