9 thoughts on “The Lockout Song (No More Merch)”

  1. You know, I like Marjo’s comments about ‘may watch.’ Me too! There are much more important things to watch than a bunch of millionaire crybabies trying to put a patch of rubber into a net. And fat bald old owners jumping up and down in their corporate boxes.

    What a stupid situation. I hope it paralyzes the league for a few years. I hope some owners go bankrupt, Bettman gets fired or assassinated, some players go home and stay there in either Europe, Asia, Russia. I have wasted too much time and emotion on a game that lacks integrity and leadership.

    I think the biggest statement would be fans boycotting season tickets, merchandise and actually attending a game. I know I won’t. Hm,maybe I’ll order a KHL jersey. Now that would be cool.

    Fuck you owners, players and Bettman.

  2. I like the option of taking back the Stanley Cup. If Buttman and the greedy bastard owners don’t want to compete for it other teams should be allowed. The Stanley Cup trustees need to be given an offer they can’t refuse.

    Just imagine, the Many Laffs haven’t competed for the Cup in over 45 years, regular working fans can’t afford to watch a game in Toronto but grab a few buddies, take some skating lessons and you can win the Holy Grail.


  3. cool thanks Danno. Woohoo quote of the Day!

    Dennis, please don’t give my e-mail to the NHL or RCMP if they want to know who suggested someone kill Bettman, thanks Buddy. Will buy you a beer.

  4. Mayo, the jail part, been there bought the tee shirt as long has they don’t stick us with DK,s asshole buddy Gaston! Then again we could carve him up for Crib counters.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

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