The Like And Dislike Skinny On The Habs-Sens Game

-I liked that Montreal won the shootout and got their two points with a 5-4 win.

-I disliked that they were winning 4-2 in the third and blew the lead.


-I liked it that Alex Kovalev scored a power play goal.

-I disliked it that they didn’t score more power play goals.


-I like the idea of no third jersey.

-I dislike third jerseys. Why doesn’t Ottawa just stick with their Trojan Condom sweater and be done with it?


-I liked that Andrei Kostitsyn scored again, and that Matt D’Agostini was set up by Gregory Stewart for Stewart’s first NHL point.

-I disliked it that Dany Heatley scored twice.


-I liked it that Robert Lang got two points.

-I disliked it that Jarkko Ruutu got one point.


-I liked it that Bob Cole did the game. 

-I disliked it that Bob Cole did the game.


-I liked it that so many Habs fans were there.

-I disliked it that so many Sens fans who used to be Habs fans were there.


-I liked Maxim Lapierre’s really slow, really fast skate-in in the shootout.

-I disliked the fact that there was a shootout.


-I liked it that Boston lost tonight.

-I disliked it that it was Washington who beat them.


-I liked it that Montreal was on Hockey Night in Canada.

-I disliked that it was probably only because Toronto played last night instead.

11 thoughts on “The Like And Dislike Skinny On The Habs-Sens Game”

  1. Gonna go watch it on Express soon as I only came in on the 3rd. (I went out for a lovely supper with some generally annoying relatives). But WOOO Fruit Punch is the shootout master ;D Guess he really did watch Kovy’s DVD. Halak has to make those saves in the 3rd though. Tsk tsk… At least Heater’s 2nd was definitely stoppable…maybe even his first as Gorges was covering the pass lane fairly well. But eh, c’est le WIN.

    Oh and Robert Lang rocks. Mats who?

  2. They said on the game that Tampa wanted Markov and more for Lecavalier and Gainey, rightfully so, won’t give up Markov.

  3. Hey Dennis. I liked that I used to be a Habs fan and am now a Sens Fan.
    I disliked that I was there last night and I might as well have been at the Bell Center in Montreal. I guess the Habs get 44 home games this year.
    Unbelievable last night as the Hab fans were in the majority with a crowd of over 20,000.Red,white and Blue everywhere.
    But Hey Hey …Good Bye!!!…during the pre game warm up. Just a little over the top.
    And a comment to some of the Hab fans down from Montreal on the charter. Could you perhaps stand during the national anthem and remove your hats.I know you can make the effort because you could sure move your ass when they threw the free t-shirts into the crowd.

  4. Yet another cheapo point that will not only skew the standings but perhaps more importantly warp our perceptions of teams, their potentials and relative strengths, hence our expectations will be correspondingly out of snyc with the realities of a given team’s capabilities meaning here that undiscerning fans will be happy with a `faux win’ rather than disppointed, dismayed even, by our faiure to hold the lead in the third especially against such a feeble opponent as the Sens. Simply put, sports fans, the `reality’ is that we currently are not good enough. Period. And I’m not talking about just making the playoffs. Either we (fans included) buckle down, clearly identify our weaknesses and eliminate them – accepting no lesser standards – or we can kiss the only relevant centennial celebration goodbye, sing that insulting `na na na na’ song to ourselves as we sink back into that dopey `happy-to-be-in-the-playoffs’ stupor that has so sapped the will and vigour of a once great and dominant hockey tradition.

  5. @JW: The florida Xmas holiday game makes it 45 home games. 46 if you include Tampa.

    I hate these BS Lecavlier rumours but I just want to talk about the Markov thing.

    If these rumours happen to be relevant, Markov may well be part of the deal. You may say Gainey knows that Markov is a huge part of the team. But so is Lecavalier in Tampa. Gainey even said that everything comes with a price. Tampa won’t just give away Lecavalier. So, if these rumours happen to be relevant, I beleive that if Lecavalier is going to be traded to Montreal, Markov will be going to Tampa.

    But I hope not

  6. #31: I’m saying that if Gainey has a reason to get Lecav, he’ll have to give up, or most likely would give up markov. But only if he had a reason to.

    I’m just saying it because a lot of people think that there is a good reason to bring Lecav to Montreal. But Markov is what it is going to cost.

  7. whatever happens don’t trade Subban, the next Phaneuf.
    certainly don’t trade him for Barry Melrose’s sloppy seconds.

  8. aaron- I’m sure Subban will be a great player, but he’s absolutely nothing like Phaneuf. He’s not really physical, doesn’t have a huge booming shot, and skates well. Quite the opposite of Phaneuf.

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