The Last Time They Played 48

While we wait to see what the Habs schedule will look like, have a look at the last time the team played 48-games, which was during the 1994-95 lockout season.

As you can see, the Canadiens never traveled out of the east, they kicked things off on January 21, and they played four games each against the Rangers, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Buffalo, and Ottawa, while it was three games against Washington, Tampa Bay, Florida, and the Islanders.

It was also a dismal year for the team. They missed the playoffs for the first time since the 1969-70 season (25 years), won only 3 of 24 road games, and came out ahead in just 11 of their final 32 games.

This with Patrick Roy in nets (with a little help from Ron Tugnutt), and Dr. Recchi scoring and diagnosing. The good doctor had joined the Habs on Feb. 9/95 , with John Leclair, Eric Desjardins, and Gilbert Dionne heading off to Philadelphia.

01/21/1995 at NY Rangers 2 5 Loss
01/25/1995 vs. Washington 2 0 Win
01/28/1995 vs. New Jersey 5 1 Win
01/29/1995 vs. Philadelphia 2 2 Tie
01/31/1995 at Tampa Bay 1 4 Loss
02/02/1995 at Florida 1 1 Tie
02/04/1995 vs. NY Islanders 4 2 Win
02/07/1995 at Boston 4 7 Loss
02/08/1995 at Ottawa 4 2 Win
02/11/1995 at Pittsburgh 1 3 Loss
02/13/1995 vs. Hartford 2 2 Tie
02/15/1995 at Hartford 1 4 Loss
02/16/1995 at NY Rangers 2 2 Tie
02/18/1995 vs. NY Rangers 5 2 Win
02/20/1995 vs. NY Islanders 3 2 Win
02/23/1995 at Florida 5 2 Win
02/25/1995 vs. Philadelphia 0 7 Loss
02/27/1995 at New Jersey 1 6 Loss
02/28/1995 at NY Islanders 1 2 Loss
03/04/1995 at Washington 1 5 Loss
03/05/1995 at Buffalo 1 4 Loss
03/08/1995 vs. Buffalo 2 2 Tie
03/11/1995 vs. NY Rangers 3 1 Win
03/13/1995 at Pittsburgh 2 4 Loss
03/15/1995 vs. Pittsburgh 8 5 Win
03/16/1995 at Boston 0 6 Loss
03/18/1995 vs. Quebec 5 4 Win
03/20/1995 at Philadelphia 4 8 Loss
03/22/1995 vs. Florida 2 3 Loss
03/25/1995 vs. Ottawa 3 1 Win
03/27/1995 at Tampa Bay 2 3 Loss
04/01/1995 at New Jersey 1 4 Loss
04/03/1995 at Ottawa 5 4 Win
04/05/1995 vs. Quebec 6 5 Win
04/06/1995 at Quebec 2 3 Loss
04/08/1995 vs. Pittsburgh 2 1 Win
04/10/1995 vs. New Jersey 2 1 Win
04/12/1995 at Philadelphia 2 3 Loss
04/14/1995 at Hartford 3 4 Loss
04/15/1995 vs. Boston 2 3 Loss
04/17/1995 vs. Washington 5 2 Win
04/19/1995 vs. Ottawa 4 1 Win
04/22/1995 vs. Tampa Bay 3 1 Win
04/24/1995 vs. Hartford 3 4 Loss
04/26/1995 at Quebec 1 1 Tie
04/29/1995 vs. Buffalo 3 3 Tie
05/01/1995 at Buffalo 0 2 Loss
05/03/1995 vs. Boston 2 4 Loss

4 thoughts on “The Last Time They Played 48”

  1. Who knows? Maybe this time the short season will work in our favour. It will depend mostly on which team has the most players that have stayed in shape during the prolonged off season.

    Therien should order Scotty to wear his Alaska Aces sweater under his Habs uniform. He was on such a torrid scoring streak when he played with the Aces. Gomez has to keep that mojo going.

  2. The reports I’ve heard indicate this season will be all intra-conference. So very cushy travel for all Eastern conference teams which will only leave the Eastern time zone for one or two trips to Winnipeg. And except for trips to Southern Florida or North Carolina, all trips will be under 1000 km.

  3. I don’t know what we should expect this year. Therrien is being tight-lipped about the new playing style (other than saying “playing on our toes”) and I know he installed a new sign in the dressing room that reads “No Excuses”…which should give Gomez a few good laughs since he’s so serious.

    I think we’ll be a much improved product but we’re not exactly there yet. If we make the playoffs I’ll be happy but I won’t hope for a Cup yet.

    Of course this could all change if Gally turns out to be awesome from moment one and the team nails it from day one. Everyone is supposedly healthy (although I’ve heard Gomez has that persistent groin injury) so we might be pretty good.

    We’ve gone all this time without hockey but now knowing it’s back for real the wait seems about ten times longer.

    I hope at the very least our power play isn’t as pathetic as it was last year.

  4. I don’t know if you saw this Dennis but in a bit of bad news, Dominic Moore’s wife died.

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