The Last Time Scott Gomez Scored……

There’s been some ongoing fun on Twitter, and it’s all because of Scott Gomez. People are finishing sentences beginning with….The last time Scott Gomez scored…..

Here’s mine: The last time Scott Gomez scored, we thought he might even get another someday.

Here’s a sampling from the world of Twitter –

Thanks to Darth for the link

The last time Scott Gomez scored —

Hockey blogs didn’t exist.

I got the news in a telegram.

Atlanta had a team…..called the Flames.

Habs had a non-injured veteran.

There was NBA basketball.

Jacques Martin smiled.

I had a mullet.

People were okay with the guys on Wall St.

My parents were listening to Marty Robbins on 8-track.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was in sixth grade.

People could smoke in bars.

My mother wasn’t born.

Jean Beliveau had an assist on the goal.

It was Red Fisher’s first game on the beat.

Osama bin Laden and Moammar Ghadaffi were still alive.

Carey Price couldn’t grow a mustache.

It was a contract year.

The Expos still existed.

Booze was illegal in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “The Last Time Scott Gomez Scored……”

  1. Danno – that is just sad. Sigh. Eller made a nice pass to him but Gomez couldn’t bury it. Eller was shown saying “darn” (ahem) right after. Darn indeed.

    What the heck is with all these shots going wide of the net? Damn it! At least 4 have barely squeaked by.

    Leave it to Ference to score first. Jerk.

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