The Ladies!!!!

Holy mackerel! The Canadian ladies! I want them all to bear my children.

The sequence:

Down 2-0 to the Americans with just over three minutes left.

Canada scores and it’s 2-1.

They pull the goalie, the Americans shoot it down and it hits the post.

The Canadians tie it with under a minute left.

And then they win it in overtime.

So dramatic, so great. If you’re a Canadian of course. The Americans certainly don’t feel that way.

But they had it in the bag and let it slip away.

These two teams aren’t crazy about each other, and how this must hurt for the Americans. Like a knife to the heart.

That’s now and then there’s tomorrow, when once again it’s Canada and the U.S. squaring off. The men.

This is hockey.

17 thoughts on “The Ladies!!!!”

  1. They won because you weren’t there to dazzle them with your good looks Dennis. You distract everyone. šŸ™‚

  2. This loss was as painful as the Horton OT goal in 2011, probably the closest rivalry to the North American women’s series.

    What surprised me was the quality of both medal games today. I wish a certain group I follow would bring that level of play the next three months of the season (I’m going deep in the playoffs).

    Now tomorrow… I can not bring myself to cheer for those two Maple Leafs even if they are countrymen. Go Max, but meh to the rest (my wife questions my patriotism, too)…

  3. This is what I posted on Facebook after the game ended, and as the medals were being presented: “We truly saw the highest of highs and the lowest of lows after Canada beat the United States to win the Women’s Gold Medal in Hockey. Someone once said–and I don’t remember who–that in a setting like this, you don’t win the silver, you lose the gold. I’m sure that that’s what the American women are feeling right now. And, they have to be thinking, “We were 210 seconds away from the gold medal.” That has to be killing them………”

  4. Dk, when I texted you I was just trying to follow Dannos work % ratio, so I gave 25% to the elevators & 175% support to our glorious Woman’s hockey team! What a finish, just maybe the best ever come back win ever. Three goals in just over 4 minutes******* AWESOME!!

  5. The Kessels (Amanda and Phil) have certainly experienced their fair share of heartbreaking collapses in hockey.

  6. It’s 11pm and I’m still relishing the moment. There’s a happy energy floating in the troposphere above Canada right now. What a great feeling.

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