The Insomniacs Are Back

The Insomniacs first came out with a fine Scott Gomez production, and now they’re back, slamming the team in general. And before you get the wrong impression, these guys are frustrated Habs fans, like you and I.

Here’s what Deevo of the Insomniacs wrote:

“The Insomniacs are back! After the success of their last song “Scott Gomez Can’t Put anything In” they bring you a quick blues song to pay tribute to the Montreal Canadiens 2011-2012 season. Just to be clear, all four of us are die-hard Habs fans, and this video is meant to be more of a lament at how disastrously the season has gone. No matter how you slice it, it’s still hard for us to watch the Habs lose this many games.”


6 thoughts on “The Insomniacs Are Back”

  1. To think it’s come down to this. Bummer. Well, next season we should be much better so at least we can have that to look forward to. What a lousy season this turned out to be.

    I might be going to one of the last games of the season – tickets down really low for once as well. The place will probably feel like a funeral home.

    Now when you watch the game tonight Dennis, try not to swear too much because I don’t think you want to teach your guests any foul language. 🙂

  2. Dennis, is it my imagination or does the CH logo at 2:45 into the video have a DK in the middle in place of the H? It’s not the same as the DK to the right, but I think it’s there.

  3. I never saw the face before, that’s probably what it’s supposed to be. I turned my screen so the C was right side up, then the mouth looks like a D and the angle of the eyes look like a K. Subconsciously they’re channelling

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