The Ineffective Man-Thing


I work with a fellow who knows a Bruins Hall of Famer (I shouldn’t give the player’s name), and my coworker told me they were talking  awhile back and he asked the ex-Bruin about Milan Lucic.

The answer? Off the ice Lucic is mostly a decent guy who does charitable work and all that. On the ice he’s an asshole.

Lucic wasn’t a factor in the series, he was a hindrance. He kept fanning on sure goals or missing the net. If I was a Bruins fan, I’d be pissed. He’s a big reason his team lost.

And because the Canadiens went about their business in a professional and business-like manner, his antics with his stick and biceps made him look like a fool. His disrespect to the Canadiens played a big part in his teammates now buying new water skis and golf bags.

His “I’m going to f*****g kill you next year” to Dale Weise and Alexei Emelin in the handshake lineup was pathetic. And then he called Weise a baby for mentioning it.

Does he think Weise and Emelin would be shaking in their boots and be worried about next year’s meeting? Hah!

Truly the mark of a still-immature, overgrown thug who’s had his way because he’s bigger than most, and it’s probably been that way since he was a kid giving smaller kids wedgies on their way home from school.

The problem is, his job involves putting the puck in the net when the opportunity arises. He’s quite feeble doing that. The muscles get in the way.

Lucic can now drink and kick the cat and pose in front of the mirror at the cottage. Meanwhile, the Canadiens carry on.

16 thoughts on “The Ineffective Man-Thing”

  1. Will Don Cherry open his next segment of Coach’s Corner by condemning Milan Lucic for his poor sportsmanship?

    Will he lean into the camera pointing his finger saying: “Dah! Now kids, don’t be doing like this poor loser did. This is disrespectful and shows no class! Be a good sport and play fair like Brendan Gallagher or David Desharnais! SHAKE HANDS like a man! DON’T do like Lucic who is just giving his team a bad reputation and embarrassing himself!”

    I would be very surprised if he did.

    But could you imagine his outrage if PK Subban behaved in the same manner as Lucic?

    Well, we’d never hear the end of it.

    Come to think of it, who cares what the old fart Don Cherry has to say about this. Or anything for that matter.

  2. Danno, we shouldn’t care, but when Cherry is rated number 7 in all-time greatest Canadians by whoever decided that, it means he’s listened to by a great deal of the population, and although he drives us crazy, there’s a large percentage who hang off every word. So he should beat the drum for the Habs, it would mean a lot to Habs fans for the old bastard to say some great things about a great and surprising team. I’m not holding my breath, but I wish he would. and I hope he talks about what you mentioned about Lucic. Just once we’d like to hear some big praise from a guy so many tune in to see. Even though he’s a tad off his rocker.

  3. You have to accept people do things in the heat of the moment , which in the Bruins case was shock . Lucic has rarely demonstrated any class or true sportsmanship against any team let alone the Habs . As for Don Cherry we all have listened to him rave about anything Bruins or Leafs and trash the Habs so I will file him in the ‘ I don’t care section ‘ of things . Lets go focus on beating the Rangers in the next round – GO HABS GO !

  4. Did you guys happen to catch Cherry calling Chara’s infamous hit on Pacioretty a “beauty”?

    Last night’s Coach’s Corner is one of the worst that I have ever seen. Like can you even pretend you’re unbiased for a few minutes? Jerk.

    The funny thing about Lucic is that he grew up a Habs fan. Go figure. What a fathead.

  5. DK, I’ll just mellow out to an old doors tune——– It’ a Moonlight Drive to 25!!!!!

  6. Hey Dennis, What a fucking beauty eh? Lucic..,should have a Craftsman sign on his forehead, cause he is a tool. merchant… nothing good can be said about this shithead, Kenny the rat looks good next to this fellow. The bruins tried but came up short, they have some classy guys but their unclassy ones make a bad name for their team.Onward the Habs
    go ,right on.

  7. Apparently …

    Lucic to Price: Do you remember the scene in Mission Impossible 3 when the girl dies because a small chip inserted in her brain explodes? Well i’m going to bypass all of that and just shoot you in the face.

  8. Cherry: I bet he feels sorry for saying it now….

    Host: oh yeah? Why do you think he feels sorry for saying it?

    Cherry: Well, I don’t think he feels sorry…

    **ITS CALLED DEMENTIA. Nothing to see here folks, walk away…

  9. I heard on the radio today that the Bruins had their final media thing and Lucic says he’s not sorry for saying it. And Knuckles Nilan despises Lucic which is cool.

  10. I know Knuckles wants to see Krejci on the ice without the goons to protect him. And now he has another one!

    Since Senile Cherry loves to point out all the Bruins from Quebec, it’s great have the toughest of the bunch a Bostonian who bleeds bleu blanc rouge!

    And may have a Bruin tattoo on his tukas rash!

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