The Habs Must Be Nervous Wrecks

They could be the surprise of the east, it’s been said. They’re getting it done without stars. They’re winning because of hard work.  This is a team to watch out for. A team with great goaltending.

This is what I keep hearing when I turn on the television.

No, these media types aren’t talking about the Montreal Canadiens. They’re jumping all over each other to see who can gush the most about the NY Rangers.

Forget that Montreal is in sixth place, two points higher than the Rangers, with two games in hand and playing hurt. They’re screwed. And according to most experts, the Canadiens have even less stars than New York does – everyone says Tomas Plekanec is a second-line centre at best and Carey Price isn’t playing nearly as well as he did in the fall.

Montreal should just give the two points to New York and not play. 

Game time tomorrow is 1 pm eastern.

12 thoughts on “The Habs Must Be Nervous Wrecks”

  1. Dennis, don’t you worry about these so-called experts. They ruled us out last year and look what happened. This year, they went around saying Carey Price wasn’t ready to be the starter and look what happened.

    These so-called experts don’t know that the Habs have heart and character and continue to beat the big teams which look better on paper, but not on the ice where it really matters.

    And unlike us, these so-called experts don’t know Jack Schitt.

    By the way, how’s he doing?

  2. Dennis, last year the Washington Capitals blew the Habs out in 4 games. Uh… wait… make that the Pittsburgh Penguins…. uh… never mind.

    I find it interesting these so-called experts get paid for this nonsense. Do they predict the winning 6/49 numbers too? No? For the life of me I can’t understand why what with a track record that good…

    Posted it below but sorry I’ve been mostly offline for a few days so I offer my belated congrats on your newest family member! All the best!

  3. All I’m asking from these people, Tyg, is a little praise and respect for the Habs from these folks from time to time. I noticed a nice Pierre LeBrun article today which said some good things, but it’s few and far between to see something like this. They’re going to have to win it all I guess.

  4. Hey Dennis, You know that iI was told when I was younger,dont believe everything you hear.I take all the comments made by reporters ,with one eye open and the other one looking at the lie detector.You know,most of these guys are from places that dont have a clue about “our” game,especially the Habs.Why would you predict a race to the cup by the Rangers when the only cup they won in 44 years, they had to buy before the salary cap came into effect?

  5. we are closer now than we have been. probably closer than 1993. We were underdogs then and will forever be or until we take the chicken shit approach like the penguins and dive for a first round pick, or two. Thats beneath the habs and even the bruins. Other teams like the penguins only have a chance by going into the tank. That is why our cups mean more.

  6. Or Mayo, like Detroit in 1970 when they iced their B team so they’d lose big to the Rangers and the Habs would miss the playoffs mathematically. One of the sleaziest moments in NHL history.

  7. Tha is pretty gutless of Detroit. Best news is Malkin got injured today. Don’t mean that in a bad way but karma is a bitch.

  8. Of course it is Larry Cahan and not Larry Chan.Jim Robson broadcast many games with Larry patrolling the WHL Canucks blue line.Love these old photos.

  9. One further comment.When I look at the Rangers photo I think of the Powell River Regals connection.The late Doug Lesser was a member of the Guelph Biltmores that won the 1952 Memorial Cup and Doug was later a member of the Powell River Regals.Andy Bathgate,Harry Howell,Lou Fontinato, and Dean Prentice were also members of the Biltmores.

  10. Hi Doug. I remember the Rangers from those years, and the Guelph Biltmores. Eddie Shack came out of the Biltmores too. In those days, New York and Boston were usually the basement-dwellers, along with Chicago, but Chicago picked things up when Hull and Mikita came along. It took awhile for Boston to do things (the Orr, Esposito years) but New York had problems for years. I always thought that it would be cool to see a game at Madison Square Garden. Thanks for the comments. Brings back memories.

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