The Good Old Scrapbooks


Some kids work on cars with their dads, or go fishing together, or play catch. My dad and I fished a little, threw the ball around sometimes, but mostly, made a couple of dandy hockey scrapbooks.

Of course, the big one is the Montreal Canadiens scrapbook that he and I made together and although it’s getting a little ragged, it’s a beauty. I used to phone my friends and ask, “Hey, wanna come over and look at my scrapbook?” My father was a sign painter and he painted the two covers that you see. 

I continued for a few years after he backed off and then the crazy sixties got in the way and I stopped.

But we also made a secondary scrapbook of NHL players from the other five teams and this photo shows the Star Weekly players, which look small here but each are about 10 inches high, from the non-Habs one. The glue has long dried and  I’ve removed the loose pictures and am now trying to decide how to store them.

I recommend any father with a young son doing this together. It’s a tremendous father/son experience and one that definitely gets better with age.


5 thoughts on “The Good Old Scrapbooks”

  1. Methinks you and your father were a big fans of the Rocket when you were a kid. Can’t go wrong there. Great gifts to pass onto your grandson. Or auction off for a couple hundred grand.

    It’s probably just me, but I think the old picture of a young Henri Richard looks a lot like Patrice Brisebois with a crew cut?

  2. Chris, a lot of the Rocket in the first ten pages or so and then it changes after he retired and the scrapbbok becomes Tremblay and Backstrom and Beliveau and Balon and Ferguson etc. etc. I’ve been diving into my scrapbook off and on for a long time.

  3. Dennis, I’m looking forward to seeing more of these pages in the dog days of summer.

  4. Chris, that’s a great idea and I’ll do it periodically, a few pages at a time. Thanks!

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