18 thoughts on “The Funniest Leaf Thing You’ll Ever See”

  1. It’s somehow comforting to know that along with death and taxes there will always be mockery of Maple Leafs fans. All is right with the world.

  2. Hey Dennis,I believe that this would cause laughter in the Maple Leaf dressing room,I just howled when I watched this.Good on Danno ,everyone needs a laugh.

  3. I know, Derry. I watched it three times in a row and laughed like crazy every time. I’m still laughing. And I think you’re right – even the Leafs might find it funny. Not sure about their fans, though.

  4. Love it! The video, the irony of the TSN video, the loss, EVERYTHING!!!

    Disclaimer: I live in Toronto (grew up dans la belle province, moved to TO 6 years ago for school). So I get the MSM coverage of the leafs that you all get, but like x100000000. Not only the local media, but a significant portion of their fan base also overreacts beyond all imagination to every win, loss, or mini streak. And being well-known as a proud and loud Habs fan, I have to suffer this foolish optimism all the more than anyone else!

    So everything like this makes my life just a little bit sweeter.

  5. That being said – my roommate (Wings fan) and I think we’re responsible for the Leafs suckage – We both moved here just after the lockout, the leafs haven’t been to the playoffs since the lockout. We didn’t live in Toronto before the lockout, the leafs always made the playoffs before the lockout… Draw the conclusions that you will!

  6. Enjoyed the fans response in Boston last night as the fans serenaded the Leaf organization with a “Thankyou Kessel ” chant. Priceless.
    And now watching the video clip……nearly fell off my chair laughing. This was a great way to start my day. Thanks for the pick me up Dennis. We need it after the slow start in Sens land. JW.

  7. The laughter is infectious, it’s very well done.

    Now while the Dutch were the last successful invaders of this fair isle the language didn’t catch on so I’m unsure of what is really happening but sense that there is a rather sad story behind it all (sadder even than the Leafs).

    Any idea what they’re talking about?

  8. @ bluebayou – I found the original on youtube – it appears to be from a dutch SNL-type of show. The premise is that the interviewer is talking to victims of medical mishaps, and the Leafs fan he laughs at had botched vocal cord surgery, giving him the high voice. The Ducks fan in the audience has a similar mishap, but giving him the low croaky voice.

    Much funnier with the new & improved subtitles though!

    @ Dennis, nope, can’t say that I’ve ever found myself up in Orillia yet, although I do have friends from up in that neck of the woods

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