The Five-Year Mark (Almost)

This coming November will mark five years since I began my blog. I thought I’d mention this now in case there’s no hockey in November and everyone is reading cricket and water polo blogs by then.

One of the things I’m most proud of is that in these five years, I’ve never missed a day of posting, and often it’s multiple posts in a day (almost 3000 posts total). It’s been tough at times, especially when the Habs are eliminated early and I try to find things to talk about for more than five months during the summer. But I’ve managed so far. I also have a very understanding wife.

As far as traffic goes. I’ve never mentioned these numbers before but I thought that just once I would as I near this personal milestone. I’ve reached nearly 750,000 page views during this five-year stretch. In winter, when hockey is in full swing, I usually receive from 700-900 per day, often it hovers around 1000  (my best day was 1599), but in the dog days of summer it drops off to around 300. These are also pure hits, from readers around the world reading select pages. I can go into the guts of this site and see the cities and countries of folks who visit, and actual pages read, and it’s all quite fascinating.

I don’t get a ton of comments, but even in this the numbers are surprising. Over the five years, some 22,000 comments have been logged, although I must admit, many are from me replying back to others. Regardless, I’m happy with the way everything has gone, but I encourage others to have their say now and again. You’re treated with respect and dignity here.

Thanks to everyone who comes here. You’ve been great – fantastic in fact, and I hope you stick around for awhile more. Some of you have been here pretty well from the beginning, and a very special thanks goes out to you. And to everyone, old and new, I’m so very appreciative. I just keep trying to do the best I can and the reward is seeing the traffic and the great comments.

This was my very first post, from Nov. 15, 2007 –

When Things Get Going

Last year at this time, after 17 games, Montreal’s record was a blistering 10-4-3. And not only that, they went on to win the next five out of six games. I was worried management might neglect to plan the Stanley Cup parade down Ste. Catherines past the old Forum.

They carried on into December and by late in the month, their record was a quite lovely 22-9-5. Fans at the Bell Centre were singing that nauseous song far too often.  After that, though, with the help of three separate six game losing steaks, they ended up not making the playoffs.

This year, after 17 games, lo and behold, the team is 10-4-3, exactly the same as last year. Fans are singing that obnoxious song again. But will the team fall apart again? Nope. Because instead of David Aebisher in goal, there is Carey Price. As young as he is, he’s going to lead this team to the promised land. (The Forum ghosts, whom I talk to, told me this). And when this happens, the sky will open, the sun will shine, and Montreal fans who have stuck with the mediocrity for so long will wake from their slumber and smile, and Daniel Briere will kick himself in the nuts and have nightmares for the rest of his life.

21 thoughts on “The Five-Year Mark (Almost)”

  1. HDS, thanks a lot. Right now we’re about to board a plane to LA and decided to check and see if my computer worked here, and it does! Yay! Again, thanks. I admire what you do very much.

  2. It’s a shame that more people don’t reply. I think it would be interesting to get more viewpoints here. Even fans of other teams would be great.

    Congrats Dennis and I hope you have a new Stanley Cup article (or two) to write in the next few years.

  3. Hey Dennis!

    Just wanted to offer my congratulations and thanks for posting for five years!

    I’ve been almost daily for two years, you’ve gotten me through many-a morning coffee.

    Again thank you! (And your wife!)

    All the best,

    Phillipe Reid

    P.S. Keep it up!

  4. I think I’m close to four years with you! Best blog ever. You’re fair, passionate, well-informed, very funny and couldn’t imagine not having you in my bookmark!

  5. Time fly’s bud, as i said before always a good read.
    My first stop is here.
    I am jealous of your hockey experiences, and all the cool
    stuff you have accumulated over the years.

  6. Cheers, Marc. Yes, you’ve been around for a long time now and I thank you for that. I’ll toast you and everyone else with my nice cold one!

  7. Well done DK, it’s my first stop after arriving home from another day in paradise! You beat me to the gate I was also going to inform Habsdoc that Gaston’s picture is in the dictionary under the heading Asshole!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  8. You know what the traditional gift is for a 5th anniversary?


    Like Gaston – who is cut from a piece of knotty wood and who’s always got good wood.

  9. Gaston – who is cut from a piece of knotty pine and who’s always got good wood.

    What’s so dirty about that? 🙂

  10. Hey Mike, thanks. You’ve been here pretty well from the get-go and thanks for that. And yes….Gaston…..may a thousand termites snack on him.

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