The FACC Coming Up Fast

Forget about the NHL playoffs, it’s good and all that, but the First Annual Classic Challenge goes in a week and I’m sort of ready.

A day off with pay for is at stake. Are you kidding me?

Classic Auctions employees, wives and kids have been split into two teams and I’m thankful we have five-year old Leo Brodeur on our team. Leo burned it up in atom action this year and I`m expecting big things from him.

Luci’s not playing because she’s never been on skates. And a few years ago she took shots at the Hockey Hall of Fame with a radar gun clocking it and the puck went about two miles an hour. So she’s not ready.

I’m ready, although I’d only played in two beer league games in Powell River in 1996 or so, played a little bit about ten years before that, and played 20 years before that when I was a smallish yet shifty right winger for the Byers Bulldozers Juveniles.

So if I do the math, that’s just a few games played in almost 50 years.

But I have new skates, and because I have no other equipment, I’ve borrowed two different Habs game-worn gloves from work that almost match. I’m expecting magic from those gloves.

I’ve been loaned shin pads but I think they’re going to be too heavy so I plan on making cardboard ones. And also from work is a helmet with a cage. I’ve never worn a cage before but I need to protect my devilish good looks.

I suppose I should buy a cup and jockstrap but maybe I can just tape on a lid from a small preserving jar.

Yes, the NHL playoffs are exciting, dramatic, tense, beautiful, and thrilling. But they’re not the First Annual Classic Challenge.





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  1. Sneak Gaston onto the opposing team’s bench. With the mayhem he’ll cause, you’re guaranteed to win.

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