The Emelin Wait

It must be up to a couple of dozen times now that I’ve checked different places about the state of Alexei Emelin, but it seems the word isn’t out yet. Yes, I’ve read in various places that he’s gone for the season, but how do these folks know? There hasn’t been an official announcement that I know of, so where does this news come from?

There must be a doctors’ golf tournament today in Montreal, and when Emelin’s doc gets back from the links, he’ll have a look and then we’ll know. But you know how golf games can go on sometimes. And then there’s that lounge back at the clubhouse.

Nathan Beaulieu is back with the big club to replace our fallen Emelin, and Beaulieu didn’t look out of place in the two games that he suited up with the Habs. He even collected an assist along the way. But we’re going to miss the crushing checks, solid play, and the odd offensive thrust from our big Russian.

Beaulieu will be fine, though. He moves the puck nicely, and this Emelin setback shouldn’t affect the big Habs semi barreling down Lord Stanley Expressway.

I just wish we’d hear one way or the other. Maybe it’ll be good news. Maybe it’ll be any minute now.

3 thoughts on “The Emelin Wait”

  1. Hey Dennis , I’m hoping it was a Charlie horse as well, maybe some horse linament and an elastic bandage will all be what is needed

  2. He’s probably done until the playoffs at the very least I would imagine. I hope not but that might be the best case scenario here. Friggin Lucic.

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