The Eagle Has Landed

I thought we might hear an announcement of a new Habs coach today but it hasn’t happened. I don’t know why I thought it would be today. Maybe I was just trying to will it.

So I figured I’d take a picture of something and babble on about it, but when I tried, I found the batteries in the camera were dead.

Now I’m ill-prepared, and because I’m feeling fairly lazy as well, I’ve decided to take the easy way out and show some pictures my stepson Denis took when he was in Powell River. He was watching an eagle fly away, but then he noticed it coming back, and he took pictures with this really nice camera he has. He snapped away, and the eagle came to rest on a tree branch with a fish in his mouth, which he (the eagle, not Denis) promptly ate.



5 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. Our son was out fishing on Vancouver Island probably about the same time these photos were taken and he lost a fish to an eagle.

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