The Dream Is Dead

About this year’s Montreal Canadiens?

I don’t wanna be stick boy anymore.

My idea of doing just that for one game only, thought up when I was a kid and kept alive all these years because I’m an idiot, is now dead. This team doesn’t deserve my stick boy skills.

I don’t want to ride around as a passenger on the Zamboni or be a flag boy anymore either, regardless of the fact that these things seem to be reserved for kids.  I always thought the kid thing was unfair and a slap in the face to old bastards like me.

Molson beer sucks, although it’s neither here nor there because I’ve given up drinking. But if I still drank, it wouldn’t be Molson. If I walked in to a bar and they only served Molson, I say gimme some prune juice, it’ll do the same job.

The Bell Centre sucks too, and I wouldn’t care if it sank into one of Montreal’s medium size sinkholes. There’s no memories there, maybe just the 2010 postseason, and it happened mainly because of a Slovak goaltender named Jaroslav Halak.

The Bell rocked that spring. But so would’ve the parking lot of Mundell’s Funeral Home in Orillia if the games were played there.

I’d like to say I wouldn’t care if it burned to the ground but concrete doesn’t burn well. And I’d hate to see Jean Beliveau’s old seat get torched.

And people say, oh, the wonderful Bell Centre, soaked in atmosphere! We’re looking at an ordinary rink like all the other ordinary rinks in the league, where fans for the most part sit on their hands, empty their wallets, and put up with music so loud that people in Europe shut their windows.

Have you been to the Bell Centre? If you have, you’ve probably noticed all the old photographs lining the walls in the corridors.

Guess what, kids. Those pictures are cheap photocopies. The originals, hung with pride at the mighty Forum, were auctioned off to collectors with deep pockets. There’s even some originals left if you’re interested. Big beauties sold by Classic Auctions, ready to be hung in man caves instead of the Bell Centre where they belong.

Ownership was too freaking cheap to use the originals from the Forum. Another kick in the groin to passionate fans.

Management of course sucks. Coach Michel Therrien needs to steal a propaganda poster from a North Korean hotel, and the only thing I can think of that Marc Bergevin has done well was buy out Scott Gomez.

I was proud of Bergevin that day. But you or I could’ve bought out Scott Gomez with Molson money too, so it’s not that big a deal I guess.

And I know I’ve shown the letter below a half dozen times or so, but it’s sort of related to the story and maybe some of you haven’t seen it. So I’m just going ahead and posting it because I don’t care.

And this was centre ice at the Forum, before the league mandated that all centre ice circles have the rink name wrapped around the circle to remind us where we are in case we forget.

Forum above

Below, a smaller Montreal sinkhole.




29 thoughts on “The Dream Is Dead”

  1. Sadly I must agree with you on every point . I refuse to submit a blues tune to mark the end of the season as the boys already wrote it with the dispassionate and lackluster play they offered the fans this season . MT can go suck a goat , the twit who blamed not making the playoffs on CP’s injury is a buffoon and he needs to get gone . As of today my focus will be with my vintage collectibles and the current excuse for N.H.L. hockey will no longer garner any attention from me . Hope you have a great summer Dennis and thank you for what you do .

  2. You’re thanking me, Joe, but I want to thank you. You’ve been a terrific contributor.

  3. Dennis…the Habs are not worthy of having someone like you
    being their stick boy…even for one game….a job that you probably would have brought a lot of passion to…passion that a lot of those ‘millionaires on ice’ left at the bank. Win or lose they still got paid…win or lose the fans still will put their bums in those seats at the Bell Center…Yesterday’s Habs are tomorrow’s Leafs. A new legacy in the making.
    I will not dismantle my little Habs shrine in my man’s
    adorned with photos of Maurice, Henri, Jean, Toe and a great team photo if the 59-60 team…with 6 trophies including Lord Stanley’s Cup proudly displayed….So i guess i will live in the past with Les Glorieux…because i don’t see much glory in their immediate future. Dennis…win or lose…thanks for the recaps and sharing your passion…Enjoy your summer and don’t be a stranger.

  4. Thanks a lot, Ed. You’re a damn fine fellow and I hope your summer is like a Beach Boys tune.

  5. I am amused by reading all the twitter and blog comments about deserting our beloved Habs… I wonder how many of us will be back cheering for them next year. It’s not the players’ fault that management didn’t have the guts to fire MB or MT.
    I enjoy this blog and firmly believe that we/I will be back cheering for the Habs next year. True fans don’t give up, otherwise we would have given up years ago. We always believe that NEXT year is our year. I’ll be out there on Twitter next year saying “I told you so… ”
    Have a good summer once and all… I still believe. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I’m not giving up hope, Mona, I’ll be cheering from game one next year. But it doesn’t mean I’m not really really angry at what’s happened – the worst season in the history of the franchise, in a year when I thought in the beginning that they had a chance to go all the way.

  7. Dennis, I’m still trying to comprehend on what happened to the Habs. I’ve been a Habs fan as long as you and I don’t remember a Habs team tanking so badly. And, I don’t believe that missing one player (Carey Price) was the cause. There isn’t a professional sports team that relies on one player alone. And, I know the Habs had other players that were injured but, where were the so called great players that the Habs have in the minors? This season was truly and embarrassment to call myself a Habs fan.
    Let’s hope management and ownership does what it needs to do to prevent another embarrassing season next year.

  8. Give me a coach who brings out the creativity of the players; NOT a dump and chase loser. The players have abilities, but Thornbush is scared to take off the leash,OR Bird-be-gone won’t let him. They missed their chance for Big Bird Larry a while back. Now we have a guy whose fav word is JAM; but he got none himself. Do the California Seals Need a coach—-Thornbush would look good in surfin shorts

  9. So pathetic, eh John? I had almost zero interest in the final month of the season. The team’s worst ever. It was the coach playing favourites and the GM sitting pat. And it was way too many players taking nights off all at the same time. And on some nights they’d run around and bump into each other like kids in minor hockey. The the most depressing year to watch our Habs and they’d better fix it quickly

  10. Hey Peter! Both the coach and the GM need to leave. I’m not surprised about Therrien but I am about Bergevin. What a long season and I’m glad it’s over. Now it’s Go Blue Jays!

  11. Master Dennis. I have come to terms with the season ending. UFC or MMA will keep me busy this summer.

    Dennis. I think you should write a book about your exploits. They are far more interesting to read than the accomplishments of the Habs this year and the many years since 1993. I would certainly buy it. Have a great summer and hope your wife and young daughter are doing well.

  12. Hey Mayo. Thanks about the book thing. Sometimes I toss around the idea but I usually forget about it. All’s well, and I hope you have a beauty of a summer.

  13. Hi Dennis…been awhile since I have posted anything but have checked in from time to time. I hope you have a great summer Dennis.

    As for my ending thoughts on our once glorious Habs team…well I think a glimpse of the future can be seen by looking at the feeder teams. Our AHL team is 4 years removed from the playoffs and the team below them haven’t made the playoffs either ECHL I think it is without looking it up. Now my thoughts are if the team that you get your new stock from sucks well your chances are not good that you can bring up real talent that will contribute. I know the theory being pushed around is the AHL is a development league but they have loads of teams there and finishing in the top standings must be the goal yes ???? I mean who would you rather have picks from the first place team or the 8-10 place team. I hope I have expressed that point well enough to make my point.

    Regarding the year end review by MB I was a bit surprised by his inability to explain himself with any clarity and vision. He actually sounded quite boring and like he never done any structuring of his thoughts before hand. Anyhow I must get busy doing my spring chores. Will check in again on occasion just to read your life stories. You have really had a great many chapters to your life and they sound so interesting. Good health and great summer.

  14. In complete agreement Cliff about the lousy minor league system, and the fact that MB has said basically nothing that we actually wouldn’t mind hearing for a change. At least in Toronto now they’re talking about an exciting future and all that, but not so in Montreal. I certainly don’t hold our GM in the high regard that I once did. Thanks for the nice comments about me, and I hope you have a great summer with perfect weather. And yes, please check in from time to time.

  15. DK, I could not have said it better myself. It turned out to be just a bloody frustrating waste of 3 hours watching those Dolts implode game in & game out. As you pointed out a few tried (Gally PK) but where were the rest. We now know we’re stuck with MT & MB so I don’t have much hope for next season unless Price is healthy stands on his head & oh yeah score’s some goals too! Hope all have a great summer. Cheers Mike W.

  16. Dennis, I can’t explain why Pollock didn’t want you as a stick boy, but I know why Bergevin doesn’t; you’re much too intelligent for him. If you were caught in a fox hole together and were being bombarded you’d want to get the fuck out and lead him to safety. He’s chicken shit, he wants to remain hiding while you catch and repel all grenades, and then use you as a human shield if you drop one.

    Until the final press conference I was willing to give Bergevin the benefit of the doubt. I lost confidence in him when he came out giving assurances that Therrien will remain, but leaving some doubt with Subban; the player that most reminds me of my dominating Canadiens of the 70s. Even when we won, I always thought it was despite Therrien, not because of him. I would set up a promotion, where before every home game, a random spectator would be chosen to be the head coach; can’t do worse than Therrien’s random and insane line-ups.

    Have a great summer, the weather says it’s starting this weekend. So

  17. As always, great and wise comments by Christopher. Although I question the part about me being smart. Have a great summer, Christopher. Go Blue Jays!

  18. Hey Mike. I used to think Bergevin could do no wrong. Hah! So now, until he dies something that turns things around, he can do no right. We definitely can’t have another year like this. It truly sucked.

  19. Get rid of them both — Therrien and Subban. I may be a loner with that train of thought, here and in Montreal, and especially where Subban is concerned, but for crying out loud. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There’s a divide in that room and you’d have to live on Mars to not read it, see it, hear it and feel it. So what if we get rid of Subban? He’s a marketer. A businessman. A brander. He makes me think of Cammelleri. I think his head is too big to fit in the locker room and he’s pissing off his teammates. No one likes a show off. So we trade him, big deal. The Pens haven’t won the cup in the last seven years with the best player in the world. Let’s hope a team is better than one player.

    Therrien, he’s just annoying. Doesn’t send any electricity on the bench. “Face de boeuf”.

    And this is from me, having watched about 15 games this year of which maybe two, start to finish.

  20. Marjo…you are not a loner on Subban. I have played team sports and have been on a team where one person was too preoccupied with how important they were to the detriment of the team. It gets tiresome at best.

  21. I think he’s a bit over the top and I can see how teammates might get tired of it. He’s a great player who also makes a lot of mistakes. I find myself getting tired of PK myself sometimes.

  22. Holy crap habbie fans your getting me depressed..

    Bright side is you will get an amazing player at 9th pick in the draft….maybe even get a shot at home grown Quebecer
    in young power forward Jean-Luc-Dubois playing for Cape Breton….

    Chin up now everyone ……have a good summer

  23. A good leader would channel P.K.’s make-up into a VERY beneficial contribution. Thornbush is NOT that leader—– he,s not a leader PERIOD!!!

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