The Day Of Reckoning

I feel I should at least mention it. Yes, it’s the anniversary of Scott Gomez not managing at least one goal in a 365 day calendar.

But that’s all I’m doing, just mentioning it. I don’t have the energy for anything more than that. Because a guy earning more than 7 million dollars a year to not slip one by a goalie at least once in all that time is a sad state of affairs, pathetic, and completely unacceptable considering we needed him to help the team.

It wasn’t to be, even one lousy goal, and the question can now be asked – can he score a goal in the next 365 days?

I guess we need a new countdown clock.

8 thoughts on “The Day Of Reckoning”

  1. He’ll score one this year. Then in the off-season he’ll promise to do even better next year and they’ll keep him and we’ll get another goal. What a HOF player.

  2. Hey Dennis,What will it take for Gomez to score?I think if they paid him a little more money that may be an incentive ,they could ask Guy Lafleur and Henri Richard to come out of retirement and put him on a line with these guys for a couple of games,or they could promise him a statue to be erected outside of the Bell Centre.Do you think any of these are possible?

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