The Cup Is Won! Penguins 2, Wings 1, Hossa 0


I suppose teams who win their Conference title may now have to re-think the old superstition about not touching the trophy. Pittsburgh proudly skated around with the Prince of Wales when they won the east a few weeks back, but Detroit wanted no part of the Clarence Campbell trophy because you just don’t do that. That’s the way it’s been. Something about it not being the prize they’re after, the big one is yet to come. So another taboo flies out the window because it didn’t effect the Penguins one bit as they become brand new Stanley Cup champs. Now we have to wait a whole year to see if Conference-winning teams will touch their trophies or not.

0041Marian Hossa never got to touch any trophy. He left his Pittsburgh Penguins to join Detroit after losing last year, saying he wanted to go to a team which had the best shot at winning the whole thing. So what happens? Pittsburgh wins and Hossa loses again! I just can’t help thinking that it serves him right. Am I bad to think this? Hossa gambled and lost. Like they do in Las Vegas.

He does have the right idea, though. If he changes teams every year, eventually he should win a Stanley Cup. Except if he chooses San Jose.

Sidney Crosby is a hero for a hundred reasons. And so is Marc-Andre Fleury, who sparkled. The Penguins’ crossbar in the last minute is also a hero. And tonight, Maxime Talbot, with both Pittsburgh goals, is a huge hero.

Muhammad Ali was in the stands wearing a Wings jersey. The funny thing is, even in the throes of Parkinson’s disease, Ali is still able to grab Gary Bettman and throw him clear over the stack of bills owed by the Phoenix Coyotes.



Boy, am I glad it’s over. Now I can get down to the business of buying the Montreal Canadiens and training as gymnast for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

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