The Controversial Brett Hull Goal

During the third overtime period of game six of the 1999 Cup Finals between the Dallas Stars and Buffalo Sabres, the Stars’ Brett Hull scored the winning goal that gave his team the Stanley Cup.

The Sabres and much of the hockey world screamed blue murder over this, as Hull’s foot was in the crease.

Below is the video of the play and explanation from Supervisor of Officials Bryan Lewis, and below the video are a couple of pucks (both sides), produced afterwards, that kinda show that the lovin’ feeling was lost with Sabres fans.

puck 1

puck 2

puck 3

puck 4

2 thoughts on “The Controversial Brett Hull Goal”

  1. I’ll never forget that goal because I was in a bar in north Chicago that night (was living and working in Chicago back in the latter half of the 90s), and I can still remember almost spitting out my beer when that goal was scored. I was stunned because my buddies immediately jumped out of their chairs (one of them being a Sabre fan from Tonawanda, NY) screaming that Hull was in the crease. It was so obvious. I couldn’t believe the goal was allowed. Still can’t to this day. Never liked Hull as a player, always looked so damned lazy out on the ice, a floater, and the fact that he went “Trottier” on his country and became an American also never sat well with me.

  2. Stanley Cup going to Dallas is one of the many low points in recent years of it going to an undeserving market. Unless there’s another Miracle on 34th Street, this year will be yet another.

    Stupid rule, should never have been introduced, but game 6 of the Finals is no time to be ignoring it. That’s what the next season is for.

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