The City Didn’t Appreciate The Beauty Makeover

When I lived in Calgary about 15 years ago there was this big, sloping field behind my backyard fence leading down to a busy road. The grass was long and yellow there, and I felt it needed some beauty added to it. So I got out my lawnmower and cut a big CH in this slope and thousands of cars a day saw it as they drove by.

Then, one day, there was a knock on my door. It was a man with a frown on his face, from the City of Calgary, and he told me to stop this nonsense, let the grass grow back, and never do it again or I’d be fined.

(And by the way, among those houses up on that big hill behind me is where Doug Risebrough was living at the time. I know because I was his milkman.)

14 thoughts on “The City Didn’t Appreciate The Beauty Makeover”

  1. Dennis, you should have told the dude from the city that you had no idea where this strange design in the grass came from. It must be one of those crop circles that are left behind by UFO’s.
    Obviously this had to be the work of some higher life form. It’s scientific proof there is intelligent life outside our planet in this vast universe.
    Space. The final frontier. And little green Hab fans inhabiting the outer limits.

  2. Oh Dennis this has given ME a great idea…since I am the lawncutter at this domain….anyway wasn’t able to log on for aday or two, no wins to flog on either homefront. Marlon Brando’s brother-in-law in “On the Waterfront” was Stanley Kowalski…does he have with Lord Stanley’s Cup??? Or do you just like black n’ white movies like Kelly? Thanks for the “bookmark” quote…you can use my stuff anytime….

  3. thats awesome Dennis, Im surprised you havent done this to your front yard in town. Maybe it might bring good fortune to your boys and they’ll meet up with the canucks in the finals?

  4. Hey Dennis, Great idea I thought,mark the Insignia everywhere.When I got to maintenance shutdowns all over the province I have a black or red felt pen that I can scribe the great CH on beams,walls or anywhere I se fit.

  5. Hey Dennis, I will for sure,Port Alice has a lot of them already.I was on your boat there on the weekend, had to stay in Powell River overnight as I couldnt make the connection with the water taxi to Savory. I stayed at the hotel the team from Gold River stayed at, went to the first game and all(they won the touney for their division) but I was on the first taxi over to Savory on Saturday morn.

  6. Hey Dennis, Well it wast because I didnt think of it, but their game was at nine ,instead of 7 which was the orignal time and it wasnt over until just about 11, because it started late and we had a beer in the room,wen to the pub at the hotel(city centre inn) and was in bed by 1am. I will be down to Savory in the summer for sure, I will be letting you know when.

  7. Derry, I live just down the street from the Town Centre, about a five minute walk. This is where I drink my cold draughts!

  8. This drops Calgary in my rating of hockey teams to cheer for. I guess Calgary and Hockey just don’t go well together.

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