The Card That Belonged To Gretzky

The T206 Honus Wagner cigarette card, bought in 1991 by Wayne Gretzky and L.A. Kings owner Bruce McNall for $451,000. Over the years it’s been resold several times, and the last buyer paid almost three million bucks for it. However, it was found to have been trimmed to make it appear in better condition, and so about two million gets taken off the value.

This is an interesting piece about the old card, from Grantham’s documentary series 30 For 30 Shorts, Honus Wagner, with reasons why the card became so valuable, how McNall and Gretzky came to own it for awhile, and how people started getting suspicious about why it was in such great condition.

And here’s a story about the ex-memorabilia king who altered it, and his day in court. Bill Mastro

One thought on “The Card That Belonged To Gretzky”

  1. That was really interesting Dennis.

    Do you remember the British series that ran on A&E called Lovejoy which was about an antique wheeler dealer who often ran across fraudulent items?

    Lovejoy would have spotted the trimmed edges on the Honus Wagner.

    From Wikipedia:

    “The series concerns the adventures of the eponymous Lovejoy, played by Ian McShane, a likeable but roguish antiques dealer based in East Anglia. Within the trade, he has a reputation as a “divvie”, a person with an almost supernatural powers for recognising exceptional items as well as distinguishing genuine antique from clever fakes or forgeries.”

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