The Captain Came To Play


Captain Max put his team ahead just 14 seconds into the third period, and the Canadiens snag a big 2-1 win over their ungrateful guests, the Carolina Hurricanes.

Not a great game by the Canadiens, they were dominated by the Canes at times, particularly in the second frame when Carolina owned the puck and Montreal managed just 4 feeble shots.

But whatever. Carolina still lost. Ain’t life grand?

The boys were also outshot by the visitors 32-22 overall, and a hearty thanks it is to Carey Price, who shut the door when called upon, even though it is slightly disturbing to see once again that it was him to the rescue.

Maybe we just have to get used it. Maybe our man Price will take us to the promised land.

Thursday night was a night when silent guns suddenly became a bit louder, with Max chosen first star, and his linemates Tomas Plekanec and Brendan Gallagher collecting assists on the game winner.

Max even rang one off the post late in the third, so maybe the slump gods have found some peace and love up there.

Even DD got into the act when he (and Charles Hudon) assisted on Andrew Shaw’s goal in the first period that tied it at one apiece after Carolina had opened the scoring.

Spread the wealth, boys. It’s as basic a game plan as there is.

It reminds me of when I was a smallish yet shifty right winger for Orillia’s Byers Bantam Bulldozers and………

Never mind.

Random Notes:

The team now meets the Red Wings in Detroit on Saturday night, and then it’s off to California for a Tuesday lace-up in Anaheim, then Friday in San Jose and Sunday in Los Angeles before ending the journey in St. Louis the following Tuesday.

Long road trips can be good and bad. Just stay away from Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip, boys. And don’t worry about your wives. I’ll see to it that they’re in good hands.

Bonus Random Note:

I mentioned the other day that on November 22, 1968 my buddy and I sailed to England on an ocean liner, and here’s the ship’s weather log for each day of the journey.




10 thoughts on “The Captain Came To Play”

  1. Dennis, surely to God Bergevin and Molson can see what a shit show it too often is in the Canadien’s own zone? Like you said the second period was especially bad. I think 3 of those 4 shots came right at the end of the period. Eric Engels says the habs are looking for a top 4 defenseman but what will that cost? I don’t think the problem is the quality of the defensemen but maybe the system they are using.

  2. Hey Dennis, Yes once again our friend Carey bailed out a leaking boat. I think that dishonest john has a point in his observations The Habs way of doing things is supposed to be a defencive style but they are missing something along the way. It was great to see Max net one to win it though. Let’s hope Price can keep it going.

  3. Hi D-John. Still lots of cracks showing in the team. Before the season it was generally agreed that they needed a top six forward and top four defenceman. They got the forward – Radulov, and now to get the d-man, teams will want someone like (maybe) Sergachev and a regular. I’m only guessing. I have no idea. But a star defenceman will cost a lot, that’s for sure. Would be nice, though.

  4. Hi Derry. How’s Gold River? I’m ready for a trade. How bout you? Something to shake things up a little, and something that involves getting a nice d-man. Maybe it’ll happen. And if they get one, maybe Price won’t have to bail them out every night.

  5. Hey Dennis, Gold River is good. Back playing hockey again and enjoying the retired life. Hope the Habs don’t give up to much for what they can get.

  6. I don’t like the options from the last two games. Play well, but lose (for second time this year) because Price had an off day against a team that usually has even more trouble scoring than we do. Be outplayed all evening, rely on Price to keep us in it until we get a lucky bounce and the win against a team just happy to be playing with people in the stands.

    Why can’t things be the way they were in the 70s? Opponents show up for on ice tickets to watch Lafleur and co. fly past them. Be crunched by Robinson if dare to approach the wall that is Dryden.

  7. Oh man, Christopher, how much fun it would be if they played like those 70s teams. And for sure, I hate that they have to rely on Price all the time. I think it’s probably because they don’t have a quality stick boy.

  8. Thorncrap opposes creativity. Just give the shot to Weber on the poweplay. same old boring stuff. He probably want rid of Raduluv too. To entertaining for de coach!

  9. He’s conservative, Peter, but I don’t mind the idea of getting it to Weber. It’s worked well so far, and power play has improved this season.

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