Canadiens Find Their Legs In The Third And Send A Message To The Flyers

One thing’s for sure. Being a third-period hockey team is better than being a first or second-period hockey team.


The Montreal Canadiens are a classic third period team, which is good and bad. Sometimes, an exciting late comeback can be too little, too late. But other times, they pull it out in magnificent fashion. 


Like tonight.


It’s a beautiful thing. Waltz into Philadelphia to meet the enemy for the first time since getting bounced by this team last spring, and skate away with a tidy 5-3 win. A nice two points.


But it was hit and miss for awhile.


Too many penalties by Montreal in the first two periods disrupted any flow they might have had. A couple of goalposts were hit by Alex Kovalev. They killed a big two-man short penalty late in the first. Carey Price was solid on way too many Flyers chances. Mike Komisarek threw his weight around. Maxim Lapierre got into it with the obnoxious Steve Downey. And scuffles occurred periodically throughout the entire game.


A typical Montreal-Philadelphia game.


But they got it together in the third. It makes me proud.


The Canadiens went into the third period losing 2-1, but Roman Hamrlik, on a beauty of a play by Andrei Kostitsyn and Alex Kovalev, tied it up.


Then Mike Komisarek and Robert Lang scored to make it 4-2. The third-period team had come alive. Philadelphia got close again, but Steve Begin iced it into the empty net for the fifth goal.


Such a nice win. Every Habs fan should be in a great frame of mind right now.


I’ve just one little concern. Why is Saku Koivu so quiet? Is his foot still sore?


Next Up!

The Canadiens home opener on Wednesday at the Bell Centre against the Boston Bruins. This will be exciting. The atmosphere will be amazing. And when you see those rotten kids in Habs uniforms on the ice with the flags, remember, that could’ve been me.


It just doesn’t seem right.


Game Note:

The Kostitsyn boys were impressive once again. Both these guys are all-stars.

9 thoughts on “Canadiens Find Their Legs In The Third And Send A Message To The Flyers”

  1. First you get a Bobby Clarke goon shirt, then tickets to opening night. I don’t think it gets any better. Good for you!
    Say hi to Elmer and Butch.

  2. Dennis,

    Its taking me every ounce of my courage to come back on here and start leaving posts again after my “raw raw canucks are awsome” speech. Perhaps i jumped the gun a little bit but i still believe there a team that can contend for the playoffs, just a bad outing last night. However you can rub it in my face a little bit.

  3. Good game last night. Biron seems to play his A game against the Habs for some reason.

    But two solid points, now first in the division, and haven’t played a home game yet.

    Yes, it’s early in the season, but as the cliche goes, “Two points now are the same as two points in April.”

  4. Two big points Brian. And you’re right about Biron.The same with Brodeur. I think it’s a French-Canadian thing. They’re extra motivated or something.
    Maybe deep down they’d like to be Habs.

  5. Who in their right mind would’nt???(Maybe Sundin what a GOOF !!)
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

  6. Sorry Tom. I wrote that comment at work with people milling about and commotion and all that. And I blew my brain cells out in the ’60’s.

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