The Buffalo Sabres Are Almost A Canadian Team, Eh?

The thing about the Buffalo Sabres, who the Canadiens play Friday night in their season opener, is that for the most part, they’ve been fun to watch over the years, with the French Connection, Scotty Bowman, Punch Imlach, Tim Horton, and that little pipsqueak Daniel Briere, all doing their thing, many of them, or most of them, at the old Memorial Auditorium.


And did I mention the French Connection?


But then there’s the Sabre sweater, which looks like it came from George Jetson’s closet.


Certain teams must sometimes ask themselves the question – what was so wrong with the original sweater?


I’d probably like the Sabres slightly more if they were in the west instead of the east. But because they’re in the east, they’re going to be trying their best to be right up there in the Eastern Conference standings, which means they’re gonna try and beat the Habs.


And I have no time for such attitude.


The city of Buffalo itself might as well be in Canada. It’s close to the Canadian border, just down the road from Niagara Falls, and their snowstorms are as good or better than ours. I don’t know if folks there say “eh” but it wouldn’t surprise me. And they have a rich sporting history, with major and minor league baseball teams over the years, and of course the Buffalo Bills of the NFL.


And Buffalo had the Buffalo Bisons, a great American Hockey League team for years (1940-1970) but got bumped aside when the Sabres came into being. So Buffalo is a good, solid hockey town. How can it not be, with all those snowbanks, ice, and chicken (Buffalo) wings?


 Like I said, it might as well be Canadian.


Montreal needs this opening game. A nice jump out of the gate would be good, get the ball rolling, grab a quick two points, and then head up to Toronto to play the Leafs, a team which needs no introducton. They don’t deserve it.


So the Canadiens season begins on Friday, and it’s about time. Summers are nice and all that, but the road to the Stanley Cup trumps all the beaches, canoes, and frisbee-throwing out there.


And they have to start by beating those Sabres, eh?  

8 thoughts on “The Buffalo Sabres Are Almost A Canadian Team, Eh?”

  1. Dennis,

    nice to see a little recognition to the french connection line, they might be one of the most under rated trio’s in NHL history. If it wasnt for some guy named ken dryden , rick martin would have been a calder trophy winner in 1971

  2. Yeah, we definitely need to best Buffalo over the season if we hope to repeat our success this year. They have had some really good players and over the years they have given us not inconsiderable aggravation. In some ways they remind me of the Canucks in that they always seem to lack that little piece of `je ne sais quoi’ and to come up just a little bit short – let’s hope they continue this tradiion this year with us.

  3. For the first time ever I will be going to the Buffalo game Friday night and to Toronto the next night. Back to back. Living between Buffalo and Toronto has its advantages coming from Hamilton.
    Over the years I’ve attended many games in both cities when the Habs come to play and I must say the atmosphere is amazing in Buffalo with so many Habs fans coming from Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines, London and US cities such as Rochester and Syracuse to cheer for our team. It’s as if we are playing on home ice and the players sense it also.
    By the way, after the game we stop at Frank & Teresa’s Anchor Bar….home of the original Buffalo Chicken Wings!
    Good luck to our team this year!

  4. Be sure to save your ticket stubs from this special year. I sure wish I was doing what you’re doing. Have fun. Let me know.

  5. NO EH! WE WILL WIN! I hope *crosses fingers*

    When I sneeze, I cross the border. No really, it takes about two minutes to get from my school to the border. Prime location for college students, eh? eh?!

    Don’t forget the Bandits! Our lacrosse team actually wins championships!

  6. Danielleia: Make sure your Goalie wears a extra layer of sun screen on the back of his neck,that red light can create quite a bit of heat!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

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