The Bread Man’s Dad Just Struck Gold

Is this the night the Stanley Cup is won?

In honour of this big hockey day, I’ve decided to mention a small baseball story.

The bread man stopped in where I work to say hello and drop off some bread and he told me what had happened to his father. His dad was renovating an empty house, and while in the attic working on something, found a huge binder filled with mint baseball cards from the 1940’s and ’50’s.

“It’s a huge binder, really big,” said the bread man as he looked around to find a similar size to show the comparison. “And they’re all mint!”

He also wanted to know what to do about finding out the cards’ value and I told him there are books and even eBay to check out.

I think he and his father have no idea just yet what a treasure they have on their hands. But probably very soon they’ll be jumping for joy.

I wonder if there’s a Mickey Mantle rookie card in there.

One thought on “The Bread Man’s Dad Just Struck Gold”

  1. That’s an interesting story Dennis and it reminds me of an episode I experienced about 18 years ago when I worked in the flooring dept. at a local building supplies store. A middle-aged couple came to see me about replacing the carpets in a house they just purchased.
    They were a very nice couple and after we made all the arrangements, the husband took me aside and told me this story. On their moving day, he went up to the attic in the new home to check for storage space. There was a bit of cleanup required and just before he headed back down to the main floor, he noticed a shoebox tucked in a corner.
    He crawled towards the box, dragged it out and pulled the top off. Inside were hundreds of hockey cards all individually wrapped in plastic. He took them to a reputable collector and discovered that due to the huge number of autographed rookies, the set was worth over $12000.00. He mentioned names like Gordie Howe, Jacques Plante and dozens of others from the early years. In all honesty, he attempted to find the previous owner but was unsuccessful so he sold the collection and put it towards payment on building restorations.
    Not that I had any second thoughts about their financial situation and if payment for their new flooring would become an issue but after hearing that tale, I special ordered their goodies right away and the job was done within a week. From that time on, whenever I moved into a new place, I would immediately start searching every nook and cranny. Oddly enough, I did find a shoebox once but unfortunately, all it contained was a bunch of candles and a partially eaten piece of cake. Had it been chocolate, it would have been worth the search!

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