The Boys Of Summer/Winter

No, this isn’t Mantle, Maris, Ford, Berra and others from the ’61 Yankees. It’s late 1950’s Habs, after winning another of their five straight Cups, getting down to business of going deep, shagging flies, throwing out runners, creating sparkling double plays, and drinking beer afterwards.

Below, Jacques Plante at bat, sizing up the pitcher; Boom Boom Geoffrion pounds his glove; Andre Pronovost, Phil Goyette, and Claude Provost share an inside joke in the dugout; Dollard St. Laurent at bat, hoping for a nice juicy one down the middle; and Marcel Bonin, the Rocket, and catcher Jean-Guy Talbot plan some serious strategy, because with these boys, whether it’s hockey or baseball, winning is everything.

(Gleaned from my scrapbook).



6 thoughts on “The Boys Of Summer/Winter”

  1. AC, I hadn’t heard that but it makes sense that they might. I wish I had a Doug Harvey/baseball pic in my scrapbook. He was probably the best of the bunch.

  2. harvey was a great ball player………………….. luv to have one of those cool baseball uniforms.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us Dennis. I really love the intense look in the Rocket’s eyes. He was a fierce competitor and always had fire in his eyes.

  4. He really was a fierce competitor, Danno. It’s what made him so great. But at home he was a pushover to his kids and had a big heart. Rocket was a great man, one of the greatest Canadian citizens ever.

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